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Guide for installing and using Skype

SKYPE is free downloadable software that allows you to make free audio and video calls through the internet. In order to make video calls, both parties must have SKYPE installed.

Installing SKYPE

What you need:
- A computer- PC or MAC
- a webcam
- a microphone - an external mic works best

Download and install the Skype application
Go to and download the appropriate version of Skype for your computer.
Register for a Skype account. You'll simply enter a nickname, create a password, and enter your email address.

Adjust the audio settings
Click the central icon that reads “Check your sound works.” There, you'll be able to check and adjust, if necessary, the audio settings of both your microphone and speakers.

Add Contacts
Before you make a video call, you must first add the person you want to reach to your Contact List. To add a contact:
1) Sign in to Skype;
2) Select the ADD CONTACTS icon;
3) Enter the SKYPE NAME of the person you want to contact;
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Making a Video Call and Conducting a Successful Virtual Visit

Making a Video Call
- Click the CONTACTS tab.
- Find the person you want to call. If you can't find this person in your Contacts list, you need to add him/her (see above).
- Make sure this person is online. If they are, you’ll see a green online status icon next to their name.
- Click the Contact.
- Click the VIDEO CALL button. The other person will answer. If you can't see each other, be sure to click the VIDEO icon. If you can't hear each other be sure to click the MICROPHONE icon. - To end the call, click the END CALL icon.
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Tips for a Successful Virtual Visit
- Make arrangements in advance for the time of your call
- Have plenty of light on faces
- Have an adequately sized screen so all can view
- Have adequately sized speakers so all can hear
- Using an external microphone and ear plugs can reduce audio echo
- Make a test call prior to the arranged time, so that you can be sure your system is working
- If you get disconnected, or if you have trouble with your video or audio during a call, let the person you are calling know by sending them an instant message. If, after a few minutes, the connection does not seem to improve try terminating the call and ringing back.

Other things you can do with SKYPE
- Instant message the person you are talking to See how
- Send files. See how
- Share your desktop. This allows you to show photos, charts, documents -- anything that you can put on your screen. See how

If you have video quality issues, you can Check this guide

For further support, go to Skype support.
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