Hiawatha Elementary saw
Allan Zola Kronzek, magician extraordinaire, ‘wowed’ the fifth grade at Hiawatha Elementary School, Sachem. During his program, “The Magician’s Art and Scientific Inquiry,” Mr. Kronzek tied together magic, art and scientific inquiry, making science fun and accessible to all. The magic performed in the show is “like the magic the students see when they complete a science experiment,” said a fifth grader. Mr. Kronzek explains the steps of the scientific method during each experiment, while the students look on. This process brought the scientific method to life for the students. At each stage of the experiment, Mr. Kronzek amazed the students with his sleight of hand and various tricks. He kept the students engaged and laughing throughout the show. Student volunteers took part in the experiments and were immersed in the scientific method. Mr. Kronzek’s hilarious delivery of interesting and relevant stories kept the students mesmerized. It was a wonderful presentation that entertained all. It gave students insight into the scientific method without realizing they were learning it – now that’s magic!

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