Hauppauge Middle School saw
The Hauppauge Middle School was fortunate to have Mr. Allen Kronzek give an excellent performance about the history of magic during our sixth grade 2012 Medieval Day. “The Art of Fooling” was the culmination to our middle school interdisciplinary day. Mr. Kronzek included many of students in the show as assistants and his magic performances captivated the audience. His program was very informative; the students learned about the influence that magic had on people during the medieval period in history and the history of the cultural development of magic through the ages.

Mr. Kronzek performances were age-appropriate and interactive. He was able to engage the students and I often heard the students saying, “How did he do that!”
Mr. Kronzek was a wonderful presenter and is extremely knowledgeable in his craft.

We are looking forward to having Mr. Kronzek and his performance of “The Art Fooling” back for our middle school students to enjoy next year.

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