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Phone: (603) 654-5875
For grades: K-8
Requirements for live visit: A microphone.
Requirements for virtual visit: Clear view of screen for all students.
Fees for live visit: $300 for half day; $500 for whole day
Fees for virtual visit: $75 per hour. 1 hour minimum.
Funding: Block booking prices are available. Please inquire.

Better Tools for Better Learning! »

He leaves people stunned and enlightened by their unique abilities!
--- Seacoast Sunday Newspaper

What is the purpose of an assembly called Bag-of-Tricks?
To teach what I call The Ten Tools for Better Learning, which are: TRY, KEEP TRYING, TRY NEW WAYS, WATCH/LISTEN, GO SLOW, STEP-BY-STEP, STOP-AND-THINK, VISUALIZE, AND READ. These are tools that can be used throughout a student's life, in any curriculum.

What skills are taught?
Any skill that is fun, safe, non-competitive and does not require any special equipment. For example, Paper Stunts, Bubble Sculpture, Hand Gymnastics, Pencil Tricks, Hambones, Feather Balancing, Body Stunts, Yodeling, Magic, Disappearing Body Parts, and the Longest Word.

How is this purpose achieved?
Through learning-by-doing. The tricks and stunts are used to give students a physical experience of each of the "Ten Tools for Better Learning" in action. Students are instructed to employ each of these Tools to learn these tricks and stunts. By the end of the prograrn, all students will know, and be able to repeat the ten Tools.

What is the value?
This program will enhance concentration, encourage persistence, fight instant-gratification- syndrome, and allow students to discover they are capable of feats they never knew they could do.

Also available...

Same as live visit program, only delivered through SKYPE.

Once featured in PEOPLE magazine, Rick Davis is the author of three books on the subject of experiential education. He's also a performer whose credits include DisneyWorld, Broadway, Ringling Brother's Circus, HBO, The TODAY Show, and the White House.

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