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Phone: 617-329-9594
For grades: Pre-School - College
Requirements for live visit: Flat Surface, High ceiling (for big stunts)
Fees for live visit: $450 - $1200

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Everyone loved the show! Kids are still raving about you in the hallway. The teachers definitely had a good laugh! Fantastic show!
--- Janine Hamilton -Tuscarora Elementary

Self-Contained All Ages Variety Show = Easy travel + Quick set up.

1. Battery Operated Speaker, Wireless Microphone Remote Operated Music & Sound, With cords to plug in Mic & Music to any sound system if needed.

2. Show can be 1 - 60 minutes, Average show length is 45 minutes long.

Technical Requirements: Hard Flat Surface (big or small) Gym, Stage, Street, Sidewalk, or Plaza.

• 14‘ Foot height clearance is needed for pogo stick back flips and tall


• Tall Unicycle can be 5‘ feet, or 7‘ feet, or 9’ feet,

• Can perform full comedy show on really small stage/area minus a few


Also available...

Laugh until it hurts as stunt comedian Wacky Chad rides another person on his tiny bicycle and handstands on a skateboard. He will reach neck-straining heights on his 9’ foot unicycle and defy gravity on an air- powered pogo stick. His award winning extreme pogo stick skills and charmingly funny jokes, scored him a performance at the Super Bowl. For more than a decade, he has made thousands of people laugh while performing his variety of tricks at schools, fairs, festivals, theaters, and universities all over the world. Prepare to be amazed, and if you don't like laughing go somewhere else!

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