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Phone: (859)325-0709
For grades: All
Requirements for live visit: Sound system
Fees for live visit: $300 - $1,000 plus travel expenses.
Fees for virtual visit: $100

Ventriloquist »

Class Act: Lessons in Ventriloquism!
--- Kriket

The first of the show is a silent vent act. Kriket dumbshow is pantomime by puppet who lost his voice from fright by buzzing bees or barking dogs in “Scared Kid”, still lost in shrieking "Foxy", got back in growling "Raccoon" when scared again, using distant voice, double voice, and throat whistle, banter, patter, and bits of business in old time ventriloquism. The idea is to emphasize the importance of movement in puppetry transformed by ventriloquy in oral communication. The rest of the show is ventriloquism school and a routine of funny jokes between Kriket, acting as a ventriloquist, and his puppet. YoYo, the bear. The show lasts for about an hour and at the end all questions are answered on throwing voice, talking without moving lips, and workings of a ventriloquist dummy.

Also available...

Explanation of ventriloquism for around a half hour and taking questions.

Ventriloquist LeeDean got into puppetry and ventriloquy around 1950. Performed at Baylor on presidential scholarship in 1960, including Ken n' Del kid's TV show in 1961, also first Six Flags campus review in 1962 covered by The Today Show.

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