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Phone: 812-455-1558
For grades: Pre-K to 6th
Requirements for live visit: A contact person to help with the entire experience.
Requirements for virtual visit: A practice hook-up prior to virtual visit.
Fees for live visit: $300 to $1200 depending on the event
Fees for virtual visit: $250 per visit with discounts for multiple visits on the same day at the same location.
Funding: Title 1, Arts in Education, PTO Each area is different but I work with schools to find funding and multi- bookings are given a discount.

Author, Storyteller, Song Writer, Puppeteer »

"WOW and more WOW! Great time at our Reading Rally...Thanks for blessing us with your presence and gift of Story Telling."
--- Alta Profitt, Laurel Elementary, Laurel, IN

Snap, clap, wiggle and giggle to the power of language.  Light a fire in the imagination of children, using stories, songs, poems and dramatic play.  Connect standards as you jazz up your curriculum to encourage children to read and write. 

Each group is introduced to age appropriate stories that support CCSS.  When a story says THE END it should be the beginning of exploration about the story.  Children get an opportunity to make up their own stories and see how different versions connect.

Puppets and props are used to create an interactive adventure for children.  The presentations will improve children’s:

Oral Communication Skills
Auditory Discrimination
Listening and Reading Skills
Visual Discrimination
Critical Thinking Skills
Speaking Skills





“Mary Jo does an outstanding job of integrating muisic, art, and language arts concepts into her performance.  Her performances are not only entertaining, but tie in literacy state standards.  The teachers, students, and parents benefited from her show.  Thanks for all you do for children!”  Ashlee R. Bruggenschmidt, Principal, Sharon Elementary School   (K-5)


“You truly love what you are doing and it made us get excited about teaching, Thanks!”
Jan Fisee, First Grade Teacher, Ft. Wayne, IN


"Mary Jo kept the children on the edge of their seats...with so many fun interactive stories.  It was a lot of fun!!  Candy Berguam

Kids Comments:
“She is a fun person to listen to, I bet she has a million stories to tell!”
“I want to tell stories like the story lady!”
“When can you come back, tomorrow?”
“I’m going to tell my granny a new story.”


Mary Jo’s programs are EDUCATIONAL, INSPIRATIONAL, and FUN-SATIONAL!  Programs can be designed to fit into any season of the year or adapted to connect with a curriculum.

Contact Mary Jo today to schedule a visit to your area.  Discounts are given for multi-bookings in the same area of the USA.  Contact Mary Jo at or 812-455-1558 to receive a packet of information including fees, travel etc.

Also available...

Snap, Clap, Wiggle and Giggle with Mary Jo as she presents stories, music, and movement and invites her audience, no matter what age, to join in the fun. Presentations are filled with humor because laughter is contagious. She provides a print rich learning environment filled with rhythm and rhyme. As an award winning author, Mary Jo shares her passion for language and literacy meeting CCSS. Music is introduced that invites children to participate while learning. Puppets provide a visual and oral experience for all children. There is always a Peeper puppet in Mary Jo's pocket.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge"
-Albert Einstein

Mary Jo Huff has worked in schools for over 15 years and is a popular, international Keynote Speaker.  She is a multi-award-winning author, storyteller, puppeteer and recording artist.  Her unique approach of combining story play, movement and song invites everyone to snap, clap, wiggle and giggle to the power of language and music.

 Fulfilling a passion to combine language and the arts has lead to presenting concerts of story and play for children and families throughout the country.  Mary Jo’s high spirited, energetic  presentations, workshops and staff development have touched thousands of lives and provided educators a special gift of humor, song and storytelling.

Mary Jo has produced four recordings that are favorites in classrooms, homes, cars and libraries.  Her CD’s “Chicken Fun!, Peeper Pizzaazzz!, Getting’ Loose with Mother Goose!” and “Storytelling for Kids!” are filled with sing-a-long, play-a-long entertaining, educational material.

·         Mary Jo is the author of:
 Creative Storytelling - Frog Street Press,
Story Play: Building Language and Literacy one Story at a Time - Gryphon House,
Storytelling with Puppets, Props, and Playful Tales - Monday Morning Publishing
Puppet Power with the Peepers – Storytellin’ Publishing

·         Her work has been awarded:
 Kid’s First Annual Award,
Parent’s Choice,
Teacher’s Choice,
Mom’s Choice,  
Creative Child Mag.
CD of the year and NAPPA GOLD awards. 



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