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For grades: k-12

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Never Be Afraid to Be YOU!
--- Corey Jones

“We All Matter” and “Working Together” are just a few of the messages that are emphasized during Corey’s Anti-Bullying Presentation. Put a stop to Bullying by taking action thru “Applying Kindness” and accepting others.  Everybody within your school “matters” and we can’t be “our” best without “you”. Students will be entertained and engaged while learning that working as a “team” will create a fun/safe learning environment.

Our actions reflect who we are. After Corey’s Character Building Assembly-your students will want to “show off their character” to make a difference in their lives and others. We become our “choices”. By making “good choices”- being safe, being responsible, and respecting others-we can make a positive impact in our lives and others. Corey also shares with your students the work ethic traits that helped him become known as one of the top shooters in the Country during his playing career.

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At the sound of the buzzer of his final basketball game, Corey said good bye to the game that he worked his entire life to master. The owner of numerous shooting records and the Nation’s leader in 3pt shooting accuracy-Corey earned the reputation as one of the best shooters in the country. His experiences with basketball also include winning a National Championship in both High School and College. Corey has given everything to basketball and in return he received much more than records and championships - he learned the pivotal lessons of life.

      Corey shares his high school experience where he struggled with acceptance after he transferred from his hometown and moved to Akron, OH. The decision to attend St. Vincent-St. Mary High School gave him the extraordinary experience to play with NBA Super-Star LeBron James, but it also made him an easy target for hazing. Humiliating remarks geared towards Corey and his family were broadcasted throughout local and state-wide high school sports forums. Moving to a new city, attending a new high school, and cyber-bullying-were the obstacles that Corey faced during his pursuit to reach his full potential as a basketball player.  With a consistent work ethic and the belief that what people say on the internet doesn’t “reflect” who he is, Corey enjoyed a successful career at St. Vincent-St. Mary. A career that landed him as a member of a state and national championship team and an induction into the high school’s Hall of Fame in 2012.

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