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Phone: 414-702-6053
For grades: All
Requirements for live visit: Electricity, slide screen for multimedia shows
Fees for live visit: $350 single show (includes travel up to 150 miles), discounts for multiple, enroute, and block bookings.
Fees for virtual visit: $100 for 0ne-hour / $50 for Half-hour

Folksinger, state historian »

David HB Drake is a bright ray of sunlight. His special brand of down - home showmanship demonstrated that one man with a handful of musical instruments and an attitude can still hold an audience in this electronic age
--- Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

HEARTLAND and WISCON-SING:  The histories of Illinois(Heartland) and Wisconsin(Wiscon-sing) are presented with songs, stories, handmade instruments, and over 120 historic and scenic slides illustrating the songs!  “Sing-along” slides assist the audience with the words. (Available on CD or DVD)

THE ILLUSTRATED SONG:  Many popular folk songs have been illustrated as children’s books.  David presents the pages of these artfully done books projected as sing-along slides while he sings the original songs and the audience sees the pages and words.  The music goes full circle from the song to the book and back to singing together as a family to the “illustrated songs”.  Excellent for Library conferences and reading programs!(Available on DVD)

KIDSTUFF: PARENTS CHOICE AWARD winner!  A sing-along hootenanny for really little kids featuring some of America’s favorite folk tunes for younger ages.  Always available as a summer reading program event! (Available on CD)

GATHER THE FAMILY and POTLUCK: In these times we need to gather with our families to give thanks for each other and take to time the share a song.   David presents a concert for all generations of peace and hope for the future. (Available on CD)

 WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD:  Every day is Earth Day in this concert of recycled songs for our planet. (Available on CD)

AN AMERICAN SONGBAG: The history of America though folksongs played on authentic instruments.
A SCHOONER SONGBAG and GATHER BY THE WATERS: Songs of the Great Lakesand sailing ships from a real sailor. (Available on CD)

LET THERE BE LIGHT: A seasonal collection of little known folk songs played on handmade instruments ideal for a gentle look at what Christmas is really about. (Available on CD)

BLOWING IN THE WIND:  A concert of the classic folk songs of the 50’s and 60’s (solo or with the Dangerous Folk trio) (Available on CD)

WORKSHOPS and IN-SERVICES:  Learn live in harmony though music- songs to address bullying, lifestyle, the differently-abled, and giving voice to our dreams.  Songwriting workshops available.

Also available...

David HB Drake is available for any of his programs via a SKYPE connection to your classroom. 

While live performance is always best, the limitations of budget nowadays prevents many schools from bringing a “live” performer to your students.  To address this problem, David HB Drake has joined with Organic Arts Ltd. of Milwaukee to offer SKYPE classroom visits.

Using this online connection, David can present a one-hour performance for $100 and/or a half-hour talk-back workshop or folk instrument demonstration for $50.

This can be particularly useful if your school has purchased David’s Wiscon-Sing DVD, a musical history of Wisconsin, where the one-hour video can be shown to the students and then following the viewing, David can be scheduled to appear on SKYPE to talk directly to your students and answer their questions on Wisconsin History, Folk Music, and unique instruments. 

For information on David’s “Wiscon-Sing” DVD, accompanying songbook, and a sample video visit:

Several of David’s other programs, like The Illustrated Song and Heartland (the musical history of Illinois), also exist in DVD format, so this SKYPE “show-and-tell” workshop format will become more available as demand increases. 

For programs not available yet on DVD, programs can be presented “live” as described in the one-hour SYPE performance above.

Contact David at 414-702-6053 or  

Visit for additional information!


Midwestern troubadour David HB Drake has been performing in schools for over 30 years using folk music to teach history, ecology, music and respect.  David plays a variety of handmade and historic instruments including Indian Courting Flute, Mountain Banjo, Dulcimer, and Concertina in addition to Guitar. 

David presents multimedia slide and sing-along programs to teach the history of Wisconsin, Illinois, the Great Lakes and America.  He uses the same technology to bring the pages of children’s books to life in “The Illustrated Song”.  Recycled songs teach us to honor the earth in his “What a Wonderful World” environmental program.  David’s KIDSTUFF program has won the Parents’ Choice award for children’s programming and “Gather the Family” brings parents and kids together for an evening of song.

David has been recognized as Wisconsin’s Family and Folk Music Artist of the Year.  The Folk Alliance Midwest Region awarded him a “Lantern Bearer” award for his life service to education through music.

He serves as musician and historian for the schooner “Denis Sullivan’ on the Great Lakes.  His trio, “Dangerous Folk” presents the classic folk music of the 60’s for concert venues, communities, festivals, and churches.  David‘s programs are available on CD or DVD. (Sample clips are on his website and YouTube – search MrDHBD)

For more information visit

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