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Phone: 646-242-6652
For grades: All
Requirements for live visit: We travel light! Just give us 3 chairs and we're set!
Fees for live visit: $835 for single show, $1300 for double. Other shows negotiated
Fees for virtual visit: $400 for each 1 hour block. Discounts given for multiple bookings.
Funding: Discounts are available for referrals and multiple bookings!

Improv Educational Programming + Stand- Up Comedy Training and Mentoring. »

We needed an assembly that would well as be entertaining. Arts Horizons suggested an Improvisational assembly that would engage the students and be fun at the same time. The students absolutely loved (The Improv School), they laughed from beginning to end. It was a pleasure to deal with (them) and the very talented young actors.
--- Patrice Carrieri, President Pearl River Middle School P.T.A.

The Election Show

How do we elect our President? This show illustrates the election process from candidates' declarations to the inauguration and everything in-between. Students will get to act as the electorate and memebers of the Electoral College.



The Improv School’s Character Education Programming

  • The Bullying Stops Here!
  • Peer Pressure: You’re In Charge Of You!

    Part show, part workshop, The Improv School brings character education to your school with assembly programs on Bullying and Peer Pressure. Students watch and learn from the scripted elements of each show and then participate in conflict resolution improv scenes to foster a greater understanding on what to do if they find themselves in these situations.


The 5W's of Story

Through this exciting and interactive improv comedy show, The Improv School teaches “The 5 W’s of Story” and how to utilize them to understand the stories they encounter each and every day. Students are called upon to help build each improv scene with their own 5 W’s ideas and are even invited to improvise with the cast on stage!


The Improv School’s Create-A-Show!

The great thing about improv is it can be adapted to fit any situation! The Improv School has vast experience creating brand new improv shows for schools and organizations around the country! It can be a new show based on a school event like Career Day, School Orientation or Prom. It can be a new show based on a Holiday, Elections, or even your School’s Curriculum. Whatever the occasion The Improv School can create a brand new educational (or just for fun) program tailored to your needs!

Also available...

Aaron Haber has performed Improv and Stand-Up Comedy for 20 years and has even taught a Master Comedy Class at Princeton University.  Now he and his comedian/writer wife Shannon Sutherland are opening up The Comedians' Club of New York, NYC's newest stand-up comedy club!

Aaron regularly mentors and coaches Stand-Up comedians in NYC and can do the same through Skype with you and/or your class anywhere in the world you might be!

Topics can cover joke construction, stand-up comedy performance conventions or even how to start your career in comedy.

Composed of New York City's best and brightest comedians and improvisers, The Improv School is dedicated to bringing character education, important life skills and entertainment to students of all ages through the art of improvisational theatre.

The Improv School has been performing their unique brand of comedy education for over 8 years!

Produced and Directed by Aaron Haber who is a professional NYC comedian having appeared on Comedy Central and who also produces and hosts The NY Friars Club's Tuesday Night Laughs comedy series as well as is the Comedy Master Class Instructor at Princeton University.

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