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Phone: (573) 397-4765
For grades: All grades including colleges
Requirements for live visit: Two 6 foot tables, 4 folding chairs, 1 non folding chair
Fees for live visit: $ 450.00
Funding: If your school can block book our show with other schools we can reduce our fee for you to $ 350. We also have our Big 90 minute Magic-Illusion show as a fund raiser for your school. You pay us NO fee. We work on 50% of ticket sales. Raise thousands of dollars in one night without you paying out any money and without you doing any work. Contact us for more information!

Escape Artist & Magician »

Mario Manzini is the New Houdini. He can escape from anything and everything
--- Steve Charles. Writer for the London Daily Mirror in London, England.

Mario Manzini "Guinness World Champion Escape Artist" presents "A Tribute To Houdini". This program recreates all of the thrilling escapes & magic of the legendary "Houdini".

We do our School Assembly show and also we have available for all schools our Fund Raising Magic-Illusion-Escapology show.

This fund raising Manzini-Houdini Tribute show  will cost your school no fee. We work on a 50%/50% of ticket sales only. This show will raise thousands of dollars in one night without you doing any work and without paying out any money. Contact us for details.

Mario's school assembly show consists of escaping from a strait-jacket, 100 feet of rope tied to a chair, 12-15 pairs of assorted Police handcuffs, leg cuffs and locked chains, a locked mail bag, German transport chain and other restraining devices all put on him by members of your audience. Students and/or teachers.

We request all schools who bring his program to you to arrange to have one of your local Police officers there at the show to lock their own personal handcuffs on Manzini during his show and he will escape from them in full view of your audience.

Mario will also perform a levitation illusion for the elementary schools where he can have one of the young students "Float" in the air as he passes a hula Hoop back & forth over them. He can also perform some comedy magic using total audience participation with all of your students..

His programs will be geared for ALL ages. Mario has performed on the David Letterman show, the Tonight Show, Caesars Casino, Ringling Bros. and Barum & Bailey Circus and in countries all over the world.

Manzini's ability to blend theatre, music, special effects, humor, audience participation and spectacular illusions and escapes is what makes this performer so dynamic, unique and entertaining, providing your audience an unforgettable experience.

The program runs for 45 minutes and can be extended to 1 hour. For Colleges the show runs 90 minutes and includes everything mentioned here plus the Houdini Water Tank escape; nailed, locked & roped inside a wooden packing box, Giant Pillory escape and much more.

Mario is assisted by his lovely wife Victoria who is a former elementary school teacher from Centralia, Illinois. She is also a professional violinist and music teacher and plays her violin as the students all file in to be seated for the show. Then she takes over as Mario's assistant and narrater for the Houdini show.

"Together they give a great show for the students".

"This truly unique program really gets the students involved in a good way".

"Mario & Victoria give a good lecture on No Drugs, Bullying, Self-Esteem, Postive Thinking"

This program is available for reduced rates on block booking other schools to tie in with yours.

Manzini can also give a short lecture on self-esteen, bullying, No drugs. This unique program uses total audience particiption and is a fun & educational show.

We Guarantee our program to be the very best to bring to your school!

Contact us today for availability.

Also available...

Mario Manzini is the "Guinness World Champion Escapologist" which means that according to the Guinness Book Of World Records he is the # 1 in his field of escapology.  He's also a Magican & Illusionist.

He began his career as an escape artist after seeing movies and documentaries on Houdini and reading all the books on Houdini at the library. He has performed with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and many Shrine Circuses, school asemblies for all grades as well as colleges, performing arts centers and many fund raising events for schools and non profit organizations.

He's appeared on many of the major TV shows such as the Tonight Show, David Letterman and many other TV shows and specials. He's also performed in London, England; Toyko, Japan & in Brisbane, Australia. His shows recreate all of the thrilling Escapes & Magic of the legendary "Houdini"!

Total audience participation. His show can also include Magic & Illusions. His "Floating Illusion is fantastic as he has one of your students from 4 years old and up "Float" in the air as he passes a Hula Hoop back & forth over him or her! Your students will love this one too!

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