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Phone: 888-315-6772
For grades: K-12
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SUPERHERO THEME!!! Be the H.E.R.O. in YOU! (Helping Everyone Respect Others) »

Be the H.E.R.O. in YOU!!! (Helping Everyone Respect Others)

The Choices You Make Today…Determine Your Tomorrow!


Omega Man and Friends provides your school with FREE H.E.R.O. wristbands or Hallway Banner to visually reinforce the anti-bullying message throughout the school year.  This bonus is not only a high-quality wristband but serves as a tool to echo the anti-bullying message by the positive words inscribed on them.  

Omega-Man and Friends prides itself on nearly 12 years of experience speaking in public and private school assembly settings and has performed in nearly 5,000 assemblies across the nation.  We have a passion for developing the minds, bodies and attitudes of our future generations.  Thank you for considering Omega-Man and Friends as your next assembly presentation.

Letting students know how to Identify, Respond, and Prevent Bullying and what is a Bystander!

                                                 Key Issues

  • Bullying                                             • Peer Pressure
  • Making Positive Choices                  •  Being a Dream Maker
  • Respect for Authority                        •  Violence Prevention
  • Self Esteem                                      •  Academic Excellence
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention


With the increasing struggles of America’s young people, the demand for powerful

programs that see positive, lasting results has never been higher.


Impacting Kids’ Lives, One School at a TIME!

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Omega-Man and Friends is a very unique school assembly presentation because it delivers the anti-bullying/character development  message through a comic book superhero–an image which young people look up to and mimic.  And because of this admiration, the students’ attention is captured and thus they retain the message long-term. 

To our knowledge, there are no companies today that present their assembly message in this way.

Omega Man and Friends is more than a typical 45-60 minute school presentation.  In order to secure success, we provide schools with support materials BEFORE and even AFTER the presentation. 

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