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Phone: 206 351-1492
For grades: k-12
Requirements for live visit: LCD projector, DVD Player, 12x20 sf space, sound system to play IPOD
Fees for live visit: $695 for one show $995 for two back to back shows $400 family night $1500 all day in-service
Fees for virtual visit: $300 Negotiable based on exact program
Funding: anti bully, fitness grants and young audiences and BOCES have all funded my program .

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Success breeds great self-esteem. Children were 'walking taller' after René spent time with us. An incredibly valuable program—I'd recommend it to anyone.
--- Robin Walker - Towne Meadow School

Rene Bibaud failed to make her elementary school’s Hot Dogs jump rope team as a 10-year old.

Today, decades later, René has: won five world championships; toured the world as a coach and featured performer for the renowned Cirque du Soleil; appeared on television, in feature films, and on thousands of stages; is a commentator for ESPN; and, created her own business with a mission of youth motivation and fitness.

Now René shares the wonderful lessons she learned as a 10-year old that transformed defeat into determination and a passion to always give her best.

René delivers a powerful 45-minute program combining dazzling performances with fun interactive audience participation.

While the entertainment grabs the kids’ attention, René masterfully anchors essential messages about best effort, determination and fitness.

 Students are enthralled and motivated. Faculty and staff are equally moved and leave with a persuasive tool for the classroom. As one teacher said in 2009, “For the remainder of the school year, every time I needed to give a child a boost, I just said, ‘Remember René.’”

In the 45 minute Action-Oriented Fitness Based Program, students are captivated by Solo Performances, Excited to Participate, and Inspired by meaningful messages.

During the assembly Rene combines her skills as a professional rope jumper, educator, entertainer and role-model while demonstrating dazzling moves that students can learn to incorporate into a lifetime of fitness.

Also available...

Rene combines performance and teaching steps in her one-of-a-kind jump rope virtual visit.


See demonstrations by a world champion, along with a jump rope lesson in single rope skills, partner jumping and motivational messges to keep the energy up. The virtual jump rope visit is 30 minutes in legth. Choose from introductory skills lesson which  includes the fundamentals of rope jumping to get you started with fun skills to keep it interesting and fun.  Then come back for lesson two when your students are ready. We also have a virtual visit check in.  Need a quick fix? That's fine.  Check ins are free and ongoing. 

Finally there's the advanced skills workshop.  Tell me what you want to learn and we'll set up an advanced skill series for you. 


Fee = $300


Rene is a five-time world rope jumping champion, artist and coach for Cirque Du Soleil, ESPN commentator and Creator of Ropeworks; A company with a special focus on youth motivation and fitness.

Rene has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Rosie O'Donnell, MTV, Good Morning America, ESPN, Sesame Street and The Today Show.  She is an educator, motivator and athlete who excels at sharing the the single most effective fitness tool - jump rope.

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