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Phone: (301) 888-1281
For grades: Pre K-6
Requirements for live visit: Nicolo will fly for his solo performance. The duo (2 person show) will drive only.
Fees for live visit: One solo show (One performer, Nicolo the Jester):: $475-. Back to back solo shows: $595- Plus travel expenses.One Duo show (2 performers, Nicolo and The Queen of Whimsey): $625- Back to back duo shows: $800-. Family nights: Duo show: $650-, Solo show: $5
Funding: We have funding from the MD State Arts Council's AIE program. AIE funding is available only for schools and youth organizations in MD.

Variety Arts: Theater, Juggling, Music, Poetry, Language Skills, Teaching Tolerance »

Combined outrageously funny historical reference, outstanding timing, and superlative juggling. If you want a wonderfully informative and fun performance, you can't do better.
--- Charles P. Lord. Headmaster, St. Timothy's School, Baltimore, MD

The solo (one person) show features three of Nicolo's original poems, set to juggling and audience participation rhythm and call-and-response, culminating in the students memorizing and reciting back to Nicolo the poem "Look in a Book" about his love of reading.  "Wild About Reading" is a raucous participatory poem featuring 3 balls and "Louie Grenouille" the frog who learned poetry at the library.  "My Whole World Grows" has students illustrating physically how reading books expands their world.  The performance also includes the story of "Yimmee Gimmee", a hilarious 3 ball juggling tale with a theme of generosity. The show includes themes of literacy, tolerance, persistence, and finding the fun in art and in life, as well as plenty of music, comedy and audience participation! The spectacle stresses language and communication skills, combining poetry, storytelling, music, juggling, comedy, character acting and audience participation.Additional themes include kindness, perseverance and mutual respect. Nicolo Whimsey is celebrating 25 years of bringing these messages to students, and our passion has not dwindled one bit!


Duo show (2 performers:)The curtain opens as Nick Newlin and Joanne Flynn enter in colorful handmade jesters outfits in Renaissance style. Joanne has subtle mime makeup.Nick greets the children and explains the program, including a brief description of the Renaissance era, while Whimsey pantomimes certain key figures of the period: William Shakespeare (writing Romeo and Juliet), Leonardo da Vinci (painting the Mona Lisa) and Nicolo Copernicus (making astronomical discoveries.) He then explains that he and Joanne will turn around and put on their jester's caps; when they turn around again they will be playing their characters: Nicolo The Gypsy Juggler and The Queen of Whimsey. This serves as the first example of the power of theater to transform us from our everyday selves into historical, fictitious or theatrical characters.

Nicolo and Whimsey turn around and reintroduce themselves to the audience in character.Nicolo and Whimsey play an old folk melody on the Musical Saw and Accordion. Nicolo and Whimsey juggle and hug simultaneously ("Huggling"),and pass the pins forward and back to back while counting in a Romance language: French!Nicolo and Whimsey discover that cooperation and sharing make life easier.

Nicolo asks the audience if someone can help him define poetry. Nicolo recites an original poem while juggling and the audience helps him finish the poem. Volunteers help out by spinningplates on sticks(while standing on one foot!)

Volunteers are applauded for becoming entertainers!

Nicolo and Whimsey then answer questions about all aspects of the show, (history, costumes, poetry, music etc.), and bid the students a merry day with this adieu: "Remember: If you shoot forthe moon...and miss, You're still among the Stars!"

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The NicoloWhimsey Show.
The NicoloWhimsey Show combines Juggling, Music, Comedy, Character Acting, Pantomime, Ropewalking, Circus Skills, Poetry and Audience Participation in a Variety Arts extravaganza that thrills students and teachersalike, while heightening their appreciation for the visual, verbal and musical arts.The performanceincludes themesof tolerance and sharing. Great for Pre-K -12th!We tailor our performance to the grade level.Students participate enthusiastically in the performance and emerge inspired to use their imaginations in their own creative activities. Curriculum:Verbal and Language Skills, Drama, Music, History, Physical Education,Moral Development.

SCHOOL SYSTEMS.The NicoloWhimsey Show has been performing for students for over two decades. Nick and Joanne graduated from Harvardand Cornell. Their affiliations include grants from the MD State Arts Council AIE, The Prince George's Arts Council and performances in the "Arts Alive" program, The Arlington County Humanities Project, The Fairfax County CAPS Program, Anne Arundel County, Charles County, St. Mary's County, Bluemont, VA Artists in Education program, and many other school systems locally and nationally. They have discovered that children and adults all over the world share this in common: their smiles and laughter!

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