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Phone: (631) 456-3836
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: Two 6' or 8' tables
Fees for live visit: $750+

Exotic Animal Show »

"New York's Favorite Zoologist"
--- Teacher

A 45-50 minute show interspersed with magic and exotic animals. Each show features 7-10 animals including a kangaroo, monkey, and bird of prey (owl or falcon)

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"Nature" Nick Jacinto is a presenter unlike any other your school has seen before! Every show features 7-10 animals including a kangaroo, bird of prey, and a monkey. He features many rare and unique animals that even zoos don't have. He is currently a wildlife correspondent for "Fox & Friends" as well as He has appeared with his Animals on "The Wendy Williams Show," "Dateline:CNBC," and "The Martha Stewart Show". Students will be enthralled as he shares his unique experiences through anecdotal stories!

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