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Phone: 513-314-9993
Requirements for live visit: a dressing room
Fees for live visit: $300.00


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You were perfect in every way! Your dress, your hairdo, your speech. I could truly believe you were Harriet Beecher Stowe.
--- Phyllis Helphenstine, Old Washington, Ky

Harriet Beecher Stowe's life spanned most of the 19th Century and she came from a family of reformers who made an inpact on America.  Hear about what it was like growing up when our nation was new and expanding west.  What was life like for Harriet as a girl, as a teacher, a mother and a writer.  What trials and hardships did she face.  Learn about the events that led to that most famous novel about slavery,  UNCLE TOM'S CABIN.   Hear from Harriet how that novel changed her life and what readers thought about the book and about slavery.

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I am an actor and have appeared in commercials,  movies and plays.  Before presenting Mrs. Stowe I appeared as a Quaker woman for four years in an interactive play for schools and church groups titled "The Underground Railroad."   I began portraying Mrs. Stowe for Tall Stacks events in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Since that first event in 2004 I have made appearances for Stowe House in Cincinnati; Stowe museum in Old Washington,  Ky; Civil War Museum in Kenosha, Ws; various clubs including the Association of Lincoln Presenters, libraries, schools, boy scouts,  and Civil War events.

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