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Phone: 863 510 9279
For grades: 7 - 12
Requirements for live visit: Sound sytem if I'm flying in. Other options will be discussed in advace. I marked driving for all state, I do not charge extra for flying or travel.
Fees for live visit: $2,200
Funding: I offer special rates for a 3-5 package ($1,800) and a 5-7 package ($1,500) for five schools in 7 days.


Comedy and educational shows for fun, entertainment, and improved study skills. »

Mike was amazing, funny, and excellent with not only the older people, but the kids as well. I was shocked to see everyone have so much fun. I have also noticed that my own child is better focused, and has improved in his study skills. I can not say enough about this man, and his show.
--- Mike Huffman

The Hypnosis Show is the perfect entertainment for any school event. It creates a positive, fun atmosphere that keeps students safe. What makes Hypnotist Mike Valmar's Comedy Hypnosis Show so popular with Schools? Hypnotist Mike Valmar offers a fun, clean, and never embarrassing entertainment show.
We will never insult any individual, group, or lifestyle.
Mike is a Certified Hypnotist and a member of the American School of Hypnosis, National Guild of Hypnotists, Safety On Stage, Hypnotist Stage Academy, and has trained with masters like Richard Barker, and Don Spencer. He is fully licensed and insured.

Make your next school event fun and memorable. Watch everyone laugh till they cry, while your students learn study habits and gain self esteem, without even knowing it. Book us today, and let yourself be the hero for hiring us.

There are no hidden fees when you hire us. We always take your needs in mind and work with you anyway we can. We are always professional, and will represent you and your school in that manner. If you want the best entertainment "bang" for your buck, than we are the company for you.

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Mike Valmar is a certified hypnotist, author, comic, singer, and entertainer. He is Internationally known, and has performed for other celebrities, private yachts, major stadiums, Walt Disney World, and even N.A.S.A. Mike has been on stage since 1980 performing, singing, and playing music. We also offer a complete DJ and karaoke services, with the most music in the area. Our comedy shows are always fun, exciting, and family friendly. We never use the "F" bomb, and always try to educate as well as entertain. Mike will first explain what hypnosis is, how it works, and how it feels to be hypnotized. Our shows are never embarrassing or insulting. We promise you and your guests will laugh till you cry. At the end of the comedy (or no cost fundraiser) event, we also give positive suggestions to all our volunteers. This depends on their needs, but usually involves better self esteem, self confidence, or sleeping better, or study skills


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