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Phone: 603.535.2647
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: none, we prefer not to perform on a stage (we like to be at the same level as the audience)
Fees for live visit: 850+
Funding: We often have scholarships available through various corporate and private donors


TIGER (Theater Integrating Guidance, Education, and Responsibility) is a professional theatre company designed to help children, schools, parents, and communities deal proactively and positively with social issues and concerns facing children today. »

There is no way I can adequately tell you how awesome your program is. The teachers were all buzzing about it today. One little 4th grader has already made me a TIGER poster. This was truly an inspiring experience and your cast members were just wonderful with the children. Thank you
--- C. Puffer, Guidance Counselor, Epsom Central School.

TIGER now in its eleventh year, tours with its message covering the following social concerns: bullying, friendship, self-esteem and the celebration of individual differences, environmental awareness, alcohol and drug usage, making positive choices, and suicide prevention.  Based entirely upon the anonymous writings of school children, a TIGER performance incorporates live actors, puppets, theatre, movement, and music to engage school audiences from K-12.

Included with all of our performances we support the TIGER message with discussion guidelines pre- performance, posters and bookmarks that reinforce the message, a TIGER mascot for the school, teacher curriculum guides, and online monthly newsletters throughout the year.

Bully-Free You and Me raises awareness and seeks solutions to bullying behavior by empowering bystanders, this new TIGER production integrates research on the importance of educating bystanders about the powerful role they play in helping to stop bullying behavior in schools.  This production is fresh, new, and exciting, with seven original musical songs and dances. We collaborated with Boston based rock band Strange Changes on two new songs.  There are three versions of this production; one suitable for students K-4, a second for students 5-8, and an all school assembly for K-8.

Just Between Friends helps children understand what it takes to make and be a good friend, has been a favorite in our schools because of its humor and strong messages about friendship. School counselors requested this popular production that seeks to help students understand how their behavior influences their friendships. Just Between Friends is filled with many entertaining scenes, songs and dances that teach children how to engage in more positive relationships with their friends. It is suitable for a K-6 audience.

Let Your Star Shine encourages young people to accept themselves and others by promoting self-esteem.  Celebrating the uniqueness of each individual to promote acceptance of others and to decrease bullying, Let Your Star Shine! seeks to teach children the beauty of diversity and the importance of treating others the way they wish to be treated.  This production features the wonderful and unique talents of Eric Shroeder, a professional actor with Downs Syndrome.  It is suitable for a K-6 audience.

The GREEN TIGERRRR performance teaches children the importance of protecting the environment and illustrates many key concepts that children can use and share with others. A wonderful choice to promote environmental responsibility in your school community, GREEN TIGERRRR will have your students doubled over in laughter and lost in thought about this important issue!

TIGER Teen explores the many issues facing students in middle school, in order to promote healthy growth and positive relationships, TIGER Teen includes songs and scenes on cyber bullying, exclusion, and the importance of making positive choices. It is a real hit with middle schools.Even our most challenging audiences have been mesmerized by this production, which is performed by a talented troupe of seasoned high school actors.  Suitable for a grades 5-8 audience.

KNOW is our newest production that will begin touring in the spring of 2014. Know helps high school students deal with choices, questions, and concerns about alcohol, tobacoo, and drugs.When youth KNOW the risks they are significantly more likely to say NO.

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TIGER is a group of five professional and talented actors who love what they do and give their heart and soul into each and every performance!  Since 2002, we have toured to over 300,000 children in hundreds of schools throughout New England.  Invite us to come and share the magic of TIGER with your school community!

  • In 2013 our TV pilot TIGER Takes on Bullying (a collaboration with NH Public TV) won an EMMY through the Boston/New England Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for best produced “Children/Youth Program.”
  • Also in 2013, TIGER Takes on Bullying won a bronze award in the children’s programming category at the National 34th Annual Telly Awards.
  • In 2011 we were a recipient of the New Hampshire Partners in Education Gold Circle Award.
  • In 2005 we were nominated for the Governor’s Arts Award in Arts and Education by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.

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Chris Maki Memorial Foundation:
Since the fall of 2012 our foundation has supported TIGER by providing performance scholarships to schools in the Lunenburg, MA area.

The TIGER program cleverly enforces a message of understandin...
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Broken Ground School:
At Broken Ground school we have had the pleasure of seeing many of the TIGER performances!The power of their message is incredible. Every single student is engaged and these performances have always h...
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Sandown North elementary:

That was terrific! The staff and the students all enjoyed the show and the workshops were a valuable addition. Thank you for coordinating such a great program. Please extend our thanks to your TIGER...
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Hajjar Elementary School:
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful program. It was great to see the kids so excited and entertained while learning some very valuable lessons. Bullying education is so important to teach at a ...
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Sanbornton Central School:
Per usual, the troupe was OUTSTANDING!!!
I have been a fan of the TIGER program for years, it has been presented each year in the various districts I have worked in...Your longstanding team members a...
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Sunset heights Elementary:
The show was fantastic!!!
Everyone loved it. One of our 2nd graders told his teacher after it was over that,"This was the most beautiful music I have ever heard in my life". And he meant it-isn't tha...
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Pentucket Middle School:
I saw one of your performances a year ago and... I wanted to bring the performance to the school where I work... I was unsure how it would be received by 7th graders, but it was fabulous. The students...
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Franklin Elementary School:
The show was awesome as usual!!!
You have a fine group of talented actors...I have heard nothing but great comments from staff. As always, the show was professional and well orchestrated. I love the ...
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