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Phone: 508-981-0154
For grades: All Grades
Fees for live visit: Start at $400


Where musical education, imagination and performance meet in fun, highly-interactive workshops »


Perfect for general assemblies, individual classroom settings and/or after-school programs, our workshops are customized to the size of your audience and your budget. These workshops include: 


Environmental Rhythms.  Rhythm is everywhere and in everything. This class will explore rhythm at its source – in nature and in you! It’s a fun, hands-on experience that will open your eyes to the rhythms around you – and the importance they play in your life! Students will be asked to bring a recyclable material from home – from an empty cereal box or egg carton to a plastic water bottle – and discover firsthand how anything can become an instrument! Ideal for any size classroom.


Bucket Boot Camp – A workout for the imagination – where a plastic bucket and a pair of drumsticks can open the door to coordinated rhythms and a love for music. Each student will practice on his or her own bucket, learning correct stick technique, simple rhythm rudiments, and the importance of dynamics. Movement is a big part of this workshop – so get ready for an exercise in fun and physical activity! Smaller groups will be formed to create their own 1-2 minute mini-composition. A lively, interactive workshop in creativity and teamwork!  Ideal for classrooms of 20 to 40 students.


World Beat – Geography. Diversity. History. Students will explore a variety of subjects in this multi-cultural workshop which explores global rhythms through world instruments, such as congas, djembes, djun djuns, timbales, cowbells, drum set and more!  Within this highly interactive program, each participant will have the opportunity to play the instruments while learning about proper technique, playing position, tonality and meter. Imagination and teamwork combine as students create and perform original pieces as an ensemble. Ideal for smaller classrooms of 10-20 students.

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Rick Morin began his educational workshops almost 10 years ago as a learning and teaching tool for his own students. Today, Rick's Rhythm Imaginarium has visited hundreds of schools up and down the East Coast - and touched the hearts and minds of thousands of students across various grade levels.

Learning through imagination & exploration. That’s what the Rhythm Imaginarium is all about. Allowing and enabling kids to explore and experiment with rhythms from all over the world through hands-on, interactive learning sessions, taught by professional musicians with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share!

… Facilitating skill development and social interaction.

… Building a student’s proficiency in listening, collaboration and teamwork.

… Strengthening confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

… Developing a student’s unique “voice,” inner-rhythm and sense of self.

… Cultivating an appreciation for music’s cultural, educational and community influence.

What’s more, our workshops are so much fun – and no musical experience is required. The only thing you need to bring is your imagination!

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Gibbons Elementary School Stoughton, MA
I wish to sincerely thank Rick Morin and The Rhythm Room for their performance and clinic at the Gibbons School. It was truly one of the finest presentations...
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