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Phone: 540-520-2194
For grades: 5th grade
Fees for live visit: dependent on block booking, fees from $650
Funding: Virginia Commission for the Arts, MEPOP grants


The Science of Sound and Music »

informative & fun, you guys just presented my whole 'sound' unit, that was so much fun
--- teachers

The Science of Sound

Brass 5 now offers a special Science & Sound Unit based on Virginia 5th grade Science SOLs. In this 90 minute in-class program, two members of the Brass 5 team talk about and explore the elements and characteristics of sound and sound energy. We present new vocabulary and concepts of the elements of sound, promoting a general understanding with practical applications. We will actually show first hand how an oscilloscope and decibel meter work as they are not usually available to classrooms. We also use a variety of materials to demonstrate the properties of sound that we have discussed. We will actually make an instrument from each of the four families of instruments to show how the physical properties of the materials work in conjunction with the basic characteristics of sound. Some of the vocabulary and concepts covered are: energy, sound wave, amplitude, wavelength, decibel, frequency and oscilloscope.

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BRASS 5, one of America’s most successful educational ensembles has been an active part of the Mid-Atlantic arts scene for 30 years. BRASS 5 performances have been featured on numerous television and Public Radio and TV programs and have been broadcast live on National Public Radio.  BRASS 5 presents excellent SOL based educational programs that your area music teachers can utilize in their classrooms.  BRASS 5 has been included in theVirginiaCommission for the Arts, Arts-in-Education Residency Program. BRASS 5 develops an educational program each year to be presented at the pre K-12th grade levels. By utilizing the public school teaching experience possessed by members of the ensemble, they relate the material in the program to the specific grade level’s SOL’s and curriculum.  BRASS 5 has performed more than 3800 concerts and educational programs for over a half million students in the eastern United States and Europe.  Letters, pictures and phone calls received clearly indicate the ability of this ensemble to excite the audience of not only students, but also teachers, parents and administrators.

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