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Phone: 248 891-1900
For grades: Elementary
Requirements for live visit: Larger shows require barrier free routes from parking lot to performing area. This means no steps! Props are extremely large and very heavy and cannot be easily lifted or carried up/ down stairs.
Fees for live visit: $525-$775
Funding: Michigan Schools can apply for 40% off through the Michigan Arts and Humanities Council


Educational illusionist »

"There are only a handful of shows that stand out from the rest. Doug's programs are on the top of that list. His great writing, audience involvement and energy he has on stage keep him coming to our school year after year."
--- Lee Harrison, Isbister Elementary, Plymouth, MI

Twelve different programs each utilizing magic and large scale illusions to teach. Students and teachers will forget that they are learning because these shows are so much fun. Audience involement is paramount in these shows with kids always being invited on stage to help drive the lessons home. There's crazy comedy, amazing demonstrations, role-playing and of course magic used as a visual aid but never any magic wands or typical hocus-pocus silliness that you'll see in a run-of-the-mill magic show. You'll be blown away by the sets and costumes with no expense ever spared to bring your students and teachers the best assembly shows they will ever see.

The 3 character shows are perfect add-ons to any PBIS, Leadership or Dignity education that you're already doing in your school. "Diversity Circus" has an option of adding the Diversity Circus Book and DVD that will earn your school cash back after each show. Plus the bully-proofing and conflict resolution shows can be adapted to fit your school's terminology and main focus.

All shows can be adapted to fit special themes or reinforce messages that of concern.

These are the shows your teachers will rave about and thank you for having over and over again. Guaranteed-Great every time!

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Called "America's Best School Performer" by the Jerusalem Post and "One of the World's Best Children's Magicians" at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Doug Scheer is the creator and performer of 12 shows ranging from Diversity to Science, Math to Democratic Values. He is a theatrical Illusionist combining large illusions with educational messages wrapped into unique presentations that get kids involved in learning.

Doug spent 18 years touring the US and Canada as a trade show magician for Chevrolet all the while developing these shows for elementary audiences. Doug is a published author having written articles on using special needs children on stage and has lectured around the world on the subject. He's a regular trainer/speaker to other children's performers at the most highly respected conferences in the US and has performed at the prestigous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

When it's showtime, Doug doesn't just take the spotlight, he comes alive in it!

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