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Phone: 305 945-4804
For grades: Pre-K, K-8
Fees for live visit: $400 - $1000
Funding: As a Mississippi Teaching Artist Roster Artist there are Mini and Project grant funds available.


Bilingual Storyteller »

As she tells her stories, Carrie Ayvar gets enthused with childish glee. Whether in English or in Spanish, her tales deal with simple facts about nature, animals, daily life, with beautiful images and constructive morals.
--- Norma Niurka, journalist, El Nuevo Herald and The Miami Herald

Cuentame Un Cuento/Tell Me A Story

An incredible bilingual exploration of Latin-American folktales using words, rhythms, movement and chants that begins with the simple phrase, "Había una vez/Once upon a time . . . " Children and adults, even those who may never have spoken a word of Spanish before, often find themselves easily and successfully repeating Spanish phrases this interactive and animated storytelling program. Flowing seamlessly between Spanish and English, Carrie Sue Ayvar, chooses from her large repertoire of personal and traditional tales to connect people, languages and cultures through her stories.


All Aboard: Traveling the World Through Story

Hop on board and fasten your seatbelts as we take an imaginary journey across continents and around the world through international folktales!  Suitable for student and family audiences.


Doc Anner: Petticoat Doctor of the Everglades 

In 1909, Dr. Anna Darrow was the 2nd ever female doctor in Florida. Wife, mother, physician, pharmacist, artist and even veterinarian when called upon, she followed her dreams and found beauty, friendships and adventures along the way. Chautauqua-style Historical Portrayal - Suitable for Grade 4 and above.


Rose Weiss: Mother of Miami Beach

When Rose Weiss arrived in 1920, Miami Beach was not much more than a sparsely populated sandbar. With persistence and a smile, Rosie began at once to transform it and along the way created jobs, fought prejudice, helped the needy and even designed the city’s flag! Chautauqua-style Historical Portrayal - Suitable for Grade 4 and above.

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How is it that an Arabic surnamed, Eastern European Jewish girl from Pittsburgh, PA tells multicultural stories in Spanish and English? Perhaps it is because she is a 3rd generation award-winning storyteller who came of age in Mexico. Blending traditional, international & personal tales, bilingual storyteller Carrie Sue Ayvar takes her listeners on a journey into the imagination connecting people, languages and cultures through her stories that flow seamlessly between Spanish and English.  Her performances blend entertainment and education and range from one-woman historical presentations to interactive folktales and stories in Spanish and English.


A Chautauqua scholar and Kennedy Center and Wolftrap trained Artist in Education, Carrie Sue is an active Teaching Artist offering performances, Professional Development workshops and residencies throughout the United States.  Long active as an advocate for the art of storytelling she is the recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s Oracle Award for Service and Leadership, the “Sun Award” for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through the Arts, the National Parenting Publications Honors Award and the iParenting “Best of 2007” Award for her Cuentame Un Cuento/Tell Me A Story CD.

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