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Phone: (317) 787-7448
For grades: All
Requirements for live visit: a large table, & hands free mic if possible
Fees for live visit: varies depending on travel time


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Your presentation was wonderful! Your knowledge of snakes and students was obvious. All my teachers want this to be an annual event!
--- Deborah Garrett, Science Teacher, Scribner Middle School, New Albany, IN.

As a former teacher, "Snakehead Ed" tailors each pogram to be age appropriate and meet school's curriculum goals and standards. Ed's fast paced presentations are interactive and encourage students to participate throughout each program. Instead of dealing with permission slips and bus transportation, let "Snakehead Ed" lead your students on an entertaining "serpent safari" with serpents from around the world that they won't forget! (Tarantulas and scorpions are also available upon request.)

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"Snakehead Ed" (Ed Ferrer) is a retired, award winning science teacher who used his collection of snakes to encourage his students' interest in science and nature. After 32 years of teaching science, Ed offers unique, "close encounter" programs that are ideal for school convocations and science classes. He also presents for libraries, scout meetings, nature centers and museums.

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