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Phone: 847-781-7033
For grades: All Grades
Requirements for live visit: 90 minute set up, 60 minute strike
Fees for live visit: Starting at $800 for Chicago based schools
Funding: Characer Counts, PBIS, DARE


Interactive Game Shows for Schools »

If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human being, you would be a game show host.
--- Gabriel Heather

Game Show Gurus is a full-time game show production group and one of the largest in the Midwest.

We try to keep our games more educational than not, but can lighten them up when asked to.

Versus is our most popular game that is the fastest moving around, involves the entire audience and nothing lasts more than 2 minutes.

All Play is a wireless buzzers simulate fastest finger round in our multi media program. We now can provide audience response for hundreds of students simultaneously.

Interactive Trivia Blitz is an interactive game show event for children of all ages. It comes complete with a TV like set, contestant booths, chasing lights, backdrops, and an emcee. Interactive Trivia Blitz quizzes children on stage and in the audience on educational questions of any topic. This was our first and base game show.

Smarty Pants which takes the concepts of Interactive Trivia Blitz but allows all teams to answer multiple choice questions by pressing the correct letter. Computer then awards points to all teams that answered correctly.

Big Picture Blast, we combine visual and audio clues with our trivia blitz program.

Also Available, Caegory Busters and Survey Says and can simulate most TV game shows and talent contests. Risk Reward type game shows (such as Game Show Give Away) are available for promotions and fund raising.

We involve more participants per program than any other traveling game show.

Our game shows are great for any reason -- beginning of school, reward assembly, Character Counts, PBIS, DARE, History Week, etc.

Who Knows Game Shows? We are your Final Answer

Block booking helps defray school and travel costs.

Also available...

Executive Producer Jeff Helfand started out in show business iin seventh grade, continued on in high school and received a degree in Radio and TV with Business, Speech, and Theatre from Bradley University in 1990.

In 1992, Jeff created Magic Music Media, a mobile entertainmetn company that provided music and games for all ages including schools, Bar-Mitzxvahs, and corporate events.  In 1995, he bought his first game show system -- from that - Game Show Gurus was born.

Game Show Gurus has been presenting game shows for over eighteen years at schools (along with corporate and promotional events).

We are one of the Midwest's largest resource for game show services with the ability to present multiple programs at once. We have the largest variety of game show programs and make sure we don't forget that it is also a "Show". Backdrops and lrazzle dazzle ighting are always included for indoor events. We only use professional equipment.

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