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Phone: 401-739-4171
For grades: K-5
Fees for live visit: $300-1,000 (negotiable)


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Take Two tells stories about everything from animals to vegetables. They delight in relating fairy and folk tales too.


Through the magic of "instant theater" Take Two can work with classrooms to take a story from page to stage or guide and direct students as they too become storytellers.


All performances include music and audience participation.

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Twice the talent, double the fun! Tellers Anne Marie Forer and Cindy Killavey combine their talents to present lively, interactive programs. Audiences throughout New England have enjoyed the music, merriment and madness when these two tellers take turns talking.

Anne Marie plays numerous instruments. Her experience as a school librarian plays a key role in developing Take Two’s Programming. Cindy is a professional actress, author and voice talent. She directs the staging of each story. Both women have a hand in "tweeking" each tale they tell or song they sing. From fun-filled concert performances to thematic classroom sessions these two deliver “edu-taining” performances.

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