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Phone: 516 771-8086
For grades: K - 12, various programs
Fees for live visit: $675-925


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Once again, Christopher hit a major league home run, all in the name of The Early Show and our Halloween extravaganza. I am still amazed by all he can do in just minutes flat.
--- Kim Williamson; Producer, CBS; The Early Show


Christopher Agostino’s StoryFacesTales of Transformation and Wonder


Fascinating performances for Adults, Family Audiences and Schools in which the stories come to life on the faces of the audience.

Christopher Agostino’s StoryFaces is a very different kind of a show, a one-of-a-kind performance to inspire and delight any audience. Audience volunteers are brought on stage and face painted to illustrate the stories as he tells them, fully engaging the audience with a skillful spoken word performance combined with his unique visual art.  The amazing face painting captivates the audience while they listen to traditional folktales and original stories — ranging from the comic adventure of The First Time a Man Met a Crocodile to the heroic tale of Punia and the King of the Sharks and an ancient tale asking the timeless question: Is Life Fair? 

Several different programs of StoryFaces are available. Christopher’s extensive repertoire of tales allows him to craft performances to fit festival themes and specific curriculum or cultural studies.  He can perform successfully for any age:  kids, teens and adults — including arts-in-education programs for schools with variable content for any grade level.


Also available is his inspiring presentation on the origins and significance of mankind’s oldest art:

Before Cave Walls... The Story on Our Skin

Anthropology, Art, Stories and Painted Faces like you’ve never seen before

Performances For Theatres, Colleges, Art Centers and Museums      

Before we ever painted a cave wall, we painted ourselves... We are the symbolic species, defined by our art and imagination. Our skin is the edge of who we are, and when we mark our skin we take control of our identity and proclaim our humanity.

Christopher Agostino is an exceptional visual artist and fascinating speaker, delving into the cultural traditions of painted faces and masks—from marks of social identity in tribal body art to the impersonation of the supernatural in ceremonies and world theatre—along with the influence of these traditional sources on modern art and culture.  Before Cave Walls... is an inspiring performance challenging audiences to recognize the origins of our collective humanity and the pivotal role that art played in our becoming human—illustrated live on the faces of the audience. 

Also available...


Christopher Agostino has enjoyed a 30 year adventure in theater, storytelling, facepainting and bodypainting as chronicled in his book Transformations! The Story Behind the Painted Faces, published by Kryolan Professional Makeup. He and his work have appeared on the CBS Early Show, NBC Today Show and the cover of the Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly. Before Cave Walls…the story on our skin is his unique educational presentation on the history and cultural significance of masks and bodyart. His StoryFaces storytelling shows combining theater with painted faces have been presented at the National Storytelling Conference, Face & Body Art International Convention, The World Bodypainting Festival and for hundreds of audiences in schools, festivals and theaters. Christopher is the Artistic Director of Transformations Facepainting, a company which has earned the preeminent position at public events in New York City, transforming thousands of people annually for the Bronx Zoo, NYC Parks Department, the NYC Housing Authority, and special events like the World Science Festival.



“I believe that more important than the design you get painted with is the experience of being painted, the experience of seeing a new identity when you look in the mirror, and how that identity is perceived when others look at you. A face painter, by changing how the world perceives the person they have painted, alters that person's perception of the world and of themselves.”

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