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Phone: 920-722-1881
For grades: All Grade Levels
Fees for live visit: $425 Elem; $525 Middle; $600 High; + travel
Funding: Mini grants are available for my reading, anti-bullying and drug prevention programs.


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What a fabulous show! I was so impressed with how you kept the students attention, entertained and taught such valuable information all at the same time! Your presentation was perfect.
--- Jamie Johnson, 1st Grade Teacher, Oakwood School, Oshkosh, WI

Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes, uses juggling and physical comedy to engage your students so they will be super attentive when he speaks about bullying prevention, drug abuse, reading, or character development. Dan can also do Family Night or Fun Night events.

Educational assembly programs are 45-60 minutes long. 

Studies have shown that 15-25% of U.S. students are bullied. What is bullying? Why do people bully others? What are the effects of bullying? Do you bully others? What should you do if you are bullied? What should you do if you see bullying taking place? Dan will seek the answers to these questions and more throughout his program with honest, straight forward talk and some fun juggling too. This is Dan's most popular program.  

Reading Is GRAND:
This fun juggling program is geared toward the importance of reading. Only half the world's population can read. Reading and juggling are both skills that improve with practice. Dan will read and juggle at the same time, manipulate a hat while a volunteer reads the actions, open a book where realy fire leaps from the pages, and a whole lot more. Plus Dan will share some of his favorite books. Dan has been published on numerous occassions. 

The D.A.N. Show (Do your best, Awesome thinking, Never give up):
This is Dan's newest program that combines character education with the love of simple sciences. Dan will weave the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship into an entertaining program mixed with fun juggling "experiments". Dan will impact your students in a way so engaging and fun, they won't even realize they are learning.

The Truth About Drugs:
What is a drug? Do you really know? Why do people use drugs? Why do people abuse drugs? Dan will grab everyone's attention with some amazing juggling and some serious talk. Throughout the program Dan will pause his juggling and speak on the issues pertaining to being drug free, making good choices, and thinking about consequences. 

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For awesome educational assembly programs choose Dan Kirk, The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes.

Experience counts. Dan has been performing full-time since 1993.

Dan has the heart of a teacher. With Dan's experience performing in schools, it's no wonder so many teachers ask him if he is or was a teacher.

Dan will show up on time with everything he needs to put on a great program.

Dan commands respect right from the start by telling the students what he expects from them. 

Dan is a gifted speaker who will enhance the lives of your students with comedy and education!

Dan will not use teachers as helpers or volunteers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the program without fear or embarrassment.

Dan offers different themes so you can have worry free booking experience by having Dan every year or every other year.

Between every outburst of laughter is a lesson that will be remembered. Dan Kirk combines dynamic public speaking with amazing physical entertainment. It's an integrated curricular experience. Visit for more information.

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Dan was very easy to work with and was loved by all grades K-6! It's been 3 months and I still get teachers and students talking about how much they enjoyed his performance!...
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