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For grades: Preschool - Grade 5
Requirements for live visit: Flat, smooth floor area 8ftx8ft with 8ft or higher ceiling, electrical outlet
Fees for live visit: $300 plus applicable travel fee


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CactusHead Puppets did a great job at Danbury Library. The kids loved the show, and enjoyed the workshop as well. I highly recommend them.
--- Cindy Lappala - Danbury Library

CactusHead Puppets currently offers five touring shows:

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Just So Stories

Little Red Riding Hood

The Emperor's New Clothes

The Tale of Juan Bobo


Each show is about 30 minutes long, and after the performance the puppeteers lead a Q&A with the audience about how the puppets were made and how the story was adapted. Please visit our website for more info on each of the shows.


We also offer puppet making workshops that can be taught after a performance, or as a stand alone program. Workshop length and content is always tailored to meet the size and age of your group.

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CactusHead Puppets is a  puppet company based in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Puppeteers John and Megan Regan are both graduates of UConn's Puppetry Arts Program, and have been performing together as CactusHead Puppets since 2010. 

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