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Phone: 800-804-0081
For grades: K-6
Requirements for live visit: The Think Theater Project travels with our own screen and projector. The screen measures 6.5' (height) x 10' (width) we need 8' behind the screen and a minimum of 5' stage space in front of screen.
Fees for live visit: Single Performance: 800; Double Performance: 1200
Funding: N/A


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SuperBen! flew into our school and left us with a lot to think about...children were actively engaged in the program and aware of the message that Think Theater intended to send about bullying and harassment.
--- Principal, Southern Boulevard School, Chatham, NJ

Our Shows

Tackle serious issues and offer practical solutions
Travel throughout the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT)
Run 45 minutes with a post play discussion
Include a study guide for teachers and students
Use state-of-the-art video projection and live action
Can accommodate up to 300 students per performance

SuperBen! is the adventure of Ben and Leslie, two wildly imaginative best friends, who are given a sudden dose of reality when Ben starts getting bullied at school. The friends must go to superhero lengths to solve their bully problem. Along the way, new doors are opened as they learn to trust themselves and understand the importance of accepting others.
Leslie and Ben Save the World!
When these two planet-loving best friends discover that someone in their school is not recycling, Leslie and Ben become environmental detectives out to crack the case and catch the culprit in their biggest adventure yet! Along the way, they meet a slew of zany suspects, learn practical ways to help save the planet, and (of course) have the time of their lives!
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The Think Theater Project develops plays with a focus on relevant social issues for young audiences.Theater offers a unique opportunity where participants can learn about actions and consequences, about others, and about themselves.  The Think Theater Project strives to create a safe environment where children and adults can explore and discuss issues that spark critical thinking and dialogue.
The Think Theater Project tours to schools, libraries, and community centers.  We offer two shows:  SuperBen!, a play about bullying, and Leslie and Ben Save the World!, a play about protecting the environment.
Each show features three NYC-based actors, state of the art projections and sound, and a post-play discussion with the audience.

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