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Phone: 763-421-4227
For grades: Pre K - 12
Requirements for live visit: no less than 15 X 20 Foot area : surface, paved , gym, carpet, cement, tile, indoors/outdoors.
Fees for live visit: $249 and up depending on location and number of schools or shows booked.


Ultimate School Assembly Program Rich speaks in words the students can understand. With over 3000 shows performed in 46 states. Rich understands the needs of schools and how to relate to the unique demands of a school aged audience. »

In my 22 Years in education, your performance and message to our students was one of the best I've seen, and I've seen a lot! - Ken Bartelt, Northwestern Middle School, Poplar WI
--- Ken Bartelt, Northwestern Middle School, Poplar WI

This program touches on these themes :
• Determination     • Goal Setting/Achievment     • Dangers of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco     • Peer Pressure
• Bullying     • Perseverance     • Bicycle Safety

Show can be molded to focus on any particular subject or you can delete or add themes to suit your students needs.
Program length is between 40 and 45 minutes, but can be tailored to your schedule.
Show can be performed indoor or outdoor.

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Work Hard, Keep at it and Never Give Up!

Rich has performed over 3000 shows in 46 states  during fifteen years of school assemblies.

Rich's unique blend of unbelievable bicycle stunts , inspiring messages, life lessons and humor deliver a powerfull twist to the school assemblies of the past.

Rich has worked with the American Lung Association , D.A.R.E.,  S.A.D.D. , Police Departments, Hospitals , The National Brain Injury association,  anti tobacco campaigns, The boy Scouts of America and many more youth focused organizations.

Rich has a great story on perserverance and will power  that will relate to and reach the ones who need to hear it the most - your students.

Rich has competed in bicycle stunt  competitions since the late 1980's and has been featured on many television shows and other media outlets.

Rich has a passion for inspiring children of all ages to go after their dreams and never stop until they have reached their mark.

Rich is proud to be a role model for goal achievment, healthy living and positive choices for the youth of America.

On or off his bicycle Rich lives his life to the fullest improving himself and inspiring all who meet him.

Rich and his wife Sarah  live in Andover, Minnesota with their son Skylar.

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