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Phone: 720-939-6525
For grades: Preschool-Middle school
Requirements for live visit: lighting and sound
Fees for live visit: $850.00


Wildly, imaginative original theatre pieces for the enjoyment of young audiences. »

Tricksters was one of the most riveting pieces of theatre I've ever seen and I've seen alot of theatre in all my years!
--- Kim Lauridsen-Jones, board of directors for the Lakes Arts board

Ms. Zinge's shows vary in content from anti-bullying messages ("Queenie B's Pajama-Lama dance party") to environmental stewardship (Ranger Doolihy's Wildlife Jamboree") to the importance of movement ("Kevin's Kinesiology Conundrum").  Kelley's most recent original works, "Tricksters, Tales from the Teepee" and "Sloppy Jo's Story: A Musical Mess" have been her most successful to date, entertaining anyone from 2-100 with goofy antics, toe-tapping music and big, broad dance numbers!  The shows available for touring are:


  • Ranger Doolihy's Wildlife Jamboree  - A rip roaring musical journey thru the woods to learn about environmental stewardship from kooky animals such as a beatnik bear, a blues singing frog, a country crooning coyote and many many more!  Ranger Doolihy delivers the audacious Anna from the woods with a better understanding of what will help our forests and natural areas stay beautiful and wild! 45 minutes duration


  • Queenie B's Pajama-Lama Dance Party: A Pop Rock Musical Revue - A slumber party with a rip roaring message about bullying.  Join Queenie B and friends for boisterous dancing, an audience interactive talent show and an important lesson about the differences that make us all "cool'. 50 minutes duration


  • Tricksters: Tales from the Teepee - Great parables and legends about the "tricksters" of Native American lore. Coyote, Rabbit, Spider, Otter and Ant Woman are just a few of these wily creatures that teach us much about common sense.  The entire show starts with a fantastical look at one variation of the Native American "creation" story as dancers literally come out of the earth before the audience's eyes, and culminates with an authentic hoop dance that is sure to leave everyone wanting more and more. 45 minutes duration


  • Sloppy Jo's Story: A Musical Mess - Is there such thing as too much mess? After this show you'll believe there is! Jo lives in a mountain of trash, toys, clothes and spoiled food and gets an intervention from a surprising group of disgruntled roommates!  Nowhere else can you see trash, toys, old, confused ladies and spoiled food dance and sing! Learn about cleanliness, the ability to go on against unspeakable odds and just have alot of good, fun that's appropriate for the whole family and any age!  50 minutes duration


  • Kevin's Kinesiology Conundrum - Kevin is a couch potato who hasn't moved in years. His muscles are atrophied, his body has turned into pudding and he has no intention of ever moving again. In fact, the narrator (who's not has helpful as he seems) seems to want to help him in this endeavor....until a stalwart fitness fairy takes it upon herself to get him to move. Kevin never stood a chance against the powers of health and fitness and soon with a wiggle of his toe he's joined the light side for good!  45 Minutes duration

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Kelley Zinge holds a BFA in theatre from Stephens College in Columbia MO.  She has been an award winning professional actress, director, playwright and musical theatre instructor for over 15 years. She has over 11 produced works, most notably shows for young audiences that not only focus on important social issues but encourage and support a love of the arts!  Kelley has worked as a children's theatre performer, has adapted and directed Gilbert and Sullivan to make it more accessible to school children, and most recently served as artistic director for the "Boji Bantam Children's Theatre" at Okoboji Summer theatre in Spirit Lake, Iowa for two consecutive years.   Her talent lies in creating visually interesting and imaginative performances with strong emotional impact, and in working with performers to get the most out of them for the enjoyment and the enthrallment of children 4-14! 

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