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Phone: 9174058196
For grades: K - 12th
Fees for live visit: $150.00 Per workshop, Includes a regular size class as well as faulty members (teachers, etc)
Funding: BOCES


Educational and energetic Dance programs for public and privet schools. K trough 12th Grade. Our programs link with social studies, history and are focused in developing skills to raise children with free creative minds. We dance to celebrate Life ! »

"You are the high light of the arts programs in our school Year"
--- PTA Overlook Elementary School.

We Offer 4 Different Programs:

Hip-Hop Dance Residency:  Freedom of movement, creativity, and focus of attention are the basics of this program. Students are allowed and encouraged to follow the choreography within their own comfort level and style while staying in sync with the music. They explore this art form through dance, coordination challenges, and fitness,  while they learn the art and history of this American-born dance form “Hip –Hop”.


Latin American Dance Residency:  This program celebrates and honors our cultural differences. Students will learn about Latin America, including costumes and local traditions. They will also learn words in Spanish as they learn a traditional dance steps from a chosen country in Latin America. This is a unique way for students to understand Latin American geography, culture, music, and dance.


Master Classes: Designed for 50 students up until 150. The master class is a full hour of energetic and fun dancing. We cover the basics of Hip Hop dance and introduce other styles such as Pop and Lock (The “Robot”). Budget friendly


"Fitness and Nutrition Program" Fitness and Nutrition Program" Students exersie in a high-energy, non-stop dance class and learn about healthy living fallow by a mini workshop with a professinal nutritionis who shares advices about good eating, good habits and a fit lifestyle. eating habits and a fit lifestyle.

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Also available...

NY Dance Residency is the leading in-school arts in education program,  for students in grades kindergarten through middle school.

Our programs link with social studies, history and are focused in developing skills to raise children and teenagers with free creative minds. We dance to celebrate life.


Dance exercises are high-energy, fun-filled, and focused. Students learn the importance of team-work, individual expression, applied direction, and discipline.


Variable in scope and structure, workshops may take place in any open space, gymnasium or individual classroom, and involve any number of students and faculty.

We have reached over 25,000 students over the course of 5 years. 

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