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Phone: 631-725-3391
For grades: Age-appropriate programs for K-8
Fees for live visit: $600 - $1200


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I highly recommend Allan Kronzek's programs. We have repeatedly invited him to perform in each of our twelve elementary schools, and have never received anything but positive evaluations from the entire staff. We look forward to having Allan back again!
--- Bradley Johnson, Sachem School District (Suffolk County, NY) Arts-in-Education



Kids love magic, but few know its amazing history, or how past societies regarded the art. This presentation combines performance, paintings, posters and audience participation to bring to life magic through the ages. Students will experience magic as it was performed in ancient Greece, in Renaissance Europe, and at an 18th-century English fair. They'll learn why medieval performers were feared as sorcerers and how the scientific revolution change people's perception of magic--and the world. The Art of Fooling brings together elements of history, science, theater and art in a presentation that is as entertaining as it is educational.



How do magic tricks fool us? Where does out thinking go astray? If we can be fooled by the illusions of a conjuror, how do we know we aren't being fooled by other illusions as well? Among the science concepts explored in this program - which combines baffling magic with student brainstorming - are those related to developing skepticism, forming hypotheses, questioning appearances, testing explanations, and distinguishing between a scientific and non-scientific world-view.



This visiting-author program combines magic performance, audience participation, and a lively exchange with students to explore the roots of Harry's magical universe in legend, literature and real-life events. Students will discover the ancient origins of wands and wizards, boggarts, broomsticks and more. It is not necessary to have read the Harry Potter books to benefit from this program.

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I am a magician and  bestselling author.  I have presented nearly 1000 shows in middle and elementary schools, dealing wing with magic history, science, social studies and literature.  I have performed at Monday Night Magic in New York City, and have appeared on CNN as an expert on magic lore, Halloween, and the Harry Potter series.


I am the author of the New York Times bestseller The Sorcerer's Companion – A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter, which has sold more than one million copies worldwide.  I am also the author of A Book of Magic for Young Magicians – The Secrets of Alkazar, a highly-acclaimed introduction to performance magic.

 My school programs curriculum relevant, informative, and highly entertaining.

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Half Hollow Hills Schools:
Mr. Kronzek would be an outstanding presenter in any school district. He has performed several times at Half Hollow Hills Gifted Program for grade five, and both the students and staff have gleaned ...
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Fox Lane Middle School:
Mr. Kronzek presented "The Art of Fooling" to our 6th graders. His program combined an interesting description of the history of magic and an array of magic tricks that kept the students engrossed. It...
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Great Neck North Middle School:
Allan Kronzek has performed at North Middle School for over 10 years. As a teacher and now as an administrator, I believe in the product Allan demonstrates for our students. Combining the natural won...
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Hauppauge Middle School:
The Hauppauge Middle School was fortunate to have Mr. Allen Kronzek give an excellent performance about the history of magic during our sixth grade 2012 Medieval Day. “The Art of Fooling” was the cul...
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Hiawatha Elementary:
Allan Zola Kronzek, magician extraordinaire, ‘wowed’ the fifth grade at Hiawatha Elementary School, Sachem. During his program, “The Magician’s Art and Scientific Inquiry,” Mr. Kronzek tied together m...
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Forest Park Elementary:
Mr. Kronzek would be an outstanding presenter in any school district. He has performed several times at Half Hollow Hills Gifted Program for grade five, and both the students and staff have gleaned ...
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