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Phone: 8452659525
For grades: Pre K -8
Fees for live visit: $350 - $1000
Funding: BOCES Arts in Education


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Jonathan Kruk has a way with the spoken word, the telling gesture, the sprinkling of humor and the appropriate costume for a smorgasbord of stories. Intrepid Storyteller!
--- The New York Times

Finger Fables for Squiggly Squirmers - A highly interactive show for pre-k - grade 2. Two fingers up, one thumb out and we have Aesop’s Rabbit and Turtle ready to race. Our straight arms help show how Spider got crooked legs. A little chant helps little bear learn how to stop losing things. A smile makes the sun rise, the moon dance and a wolf sing! 

Story Theater -Is one step beyond storytelling. Using simple masks, caps and colorful capes, children play a part in the performance. Six to eight kids join Jonathan on stage for each tale, to act out tales from around the world. There’s cat mask to help tell The Puss in Boots. There's wings to perform the Magical Wonderful Bul-Bul Bird. Sometimes children don a dragon head, become troll, or even a two-headed ogre. Jonathan tells, directs and guides the children through each story. Occasionally just children without props transform into the sun, trees or thunder. There are always spontaneous surprises and magic moments with the children performing. Everyone in the audience participates giving chants, songs and gestures.

Medieval Manors and Manners  - Garbed in a 13th century cotehardie, Jonathan Kruk brings medieval times in tales to your school. Sharing medieval mysteries students help solve, conducting day-in-the-life skits, teaching vocabulary, table manners and a song, he fully immerses students in Medieval times. A double period of knights, guilds and unicorns!
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow / A Christmas Carol - a dramatic retelling of these classic tales with musicial accompaniment, study guides and gripping mystery.  
Hudson River Lore-  Native, colonial, Revolutionary, Industrial and Environmental primary sourced based tales of America's First River.  Performed in 1776 garb.  
Greek Myths - Students evoke the Muses, create a Pantheon of Dieties and listen to thrilling myths from Athena to Zeus.

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Jonathan Kruk, entertains, enchants and educates. A passionate storyteller, he's best known for dramatic one man shows of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "A Christmas Carol." Jonathan's been engaging children with Finger Fables, Medieval Manors & MannersStory Theater , and Hudson River Lore full time for years.  

An educational storyteller, Jonathan holds a B.A. in English, M.A. in education and teacher certification from Holy Cross College and N.Y.U. He studied educational theater in England, and urban ritual theater with Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors. His programs are supported by BOCES.  

Every year he performs at over 250 schools, libriaries, historic sites, and festivals.  Notable venues; New-York Historical Society, Pete Seeger's Clearwater Festival, Mark Twain House, and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. Conference presentations; NYS Reading Teachers Association, NYS P.A.R.P., Archdiocese of NY Educators, National Native Plants Keynote, Westchester Early Childhood Ed. Council, & New England Storytellers.

Jonathan was, featured on CBS Sunday Morning, selected "Best Storyteller in the Hudson Valley, earned three Parent's Choice and N.A.P.P.A. awards, and a medal from the Sons of the American Revolution. His book, "Legends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Valley" is in 3rd printing by The History Press.  Jonathan offers eight recordings for children and adults. 

Currently, Jonathan is at work on a fable book Barkface & Rootnose, a collection of supernatural creatures of the Hudson River, and a film of his Legend of Sleepy Hollow performance.  Jonathan is married to film maker Andrea Sadler.

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