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Phone: 888-772-9683
For grades: K-12
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"Your energetic style and ability to communicate about complex topics is special. You captured the students' attention and challenged them during the bullying assembly. Well done!"
--- Dr. William Stavisky, Superintendent, Perry Central School District Perry, NY

What makes Keith's Bullying Assembly Different?

Keith's show goes beyond the bystander/bully/victim labels to get at the underliying causes of bullying.  Keith uses comedy to show students why they do what they do. Keith's background in public education gives him insight into school culture.  The "mean girls," status cloths, "in" group and cliques will all come under his comedic wit.  Keith challenges the youth and adults in the audience to seriously contemplate how they view one another.   "Don't Bully" is about acceptance, making new friends by reaching out, and encouraging the audience to stop judging one another by outward appearance, speech, or economic status. Keith talks about trash throwing and trash catching, haters and hate catching, bullies and spectators.  He takes the unusual approach of addressing the mindset of the catcher as well as the thrower.  He will inspire those that have been bullied and force the bullies to take a harsh look at why they do what they do.  The students that have “caught it” because they learn differently or struggle academically and socially will come away especially inspired.


Keith will also address online bullying so administrators will no longer have to deal with "facebook Monday'.  Keith is familiar with the laws that have been passed and are currantly under consideration in each state.  He will convey the implications of these laws to his audiance.  Students will leave the assembly knowing they can be suspended and even prosocuted for online bullying. 

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Keith Deltano has served and worked with youth for many years in various roles, including as a military police officer, public school teacher, youth leader, private counselor, and educational comedian. He draws on this varied background to reach out and share with youth. ImageKeith taught sixth grade and won the Teaching Excellence Award for his work with at risk youth.He has been listed in Who’s Who of America’s Teachers and Outstanding Young Men of America. He was granted The National Impact Award for his work in parent outreach and eduction.

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T.F. North High School:
Thank you for your fantastic No Bullying Assembly. Many of the teachers said it was the best one of the best assemblies they have ever seen. You personally went above and beyond and I want to thanks...
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