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Phone: 516-993-9830
For grades: Pre-school through College
Requirements for live visit: Programs can be produced in an auditorium, gym or all purpose room- we provide all equipment and sound system
Fees for live visit: 850.00 first program 350.00 for each additional program


Master Falconer-Ornithologist-Conservationist »

I haven't seen such enthusiasm about an assembly program in awhile. Your presentation of information about raptors and the opportunity to see the birds in flight were wonderful times for the faculty and students.Everyone seemed to have been talking about the assembly programs today.
--- Mary Lynn Bente Middle School Principal Lansing Middle School New York

     As mankind continues to exert an influence on our planet’s wildlife, there exists an increasing need to foster an interest in the importance of sound conservation and wildlife management and the motivation of today’s youth to get involved with the effort.

      The Raptor Project’s focus of education, rehabilitation, conservation and propagation has a tremendous impact on people of all ages.

      In a variety of educational programs, the Raptor Project offers viewers a “close encounter” with live Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Owls.

      Most Raptor Project birds, although cosmetically attractive, are permanently handicapped and non-releasable to the wild. We hand pick, tame and train attractive and charismatic predators that stand out as beautiful and charming ambassadors of their species.

      Some Raptor Project superstars are “Moriah” the Golden Eagle with a seven foot wingspan, “Uncle Sam” the patriotic Bald Eagle and “Digger” the mini 3 ounce Burrowing Owl.

      We also utilize captive-bred raptors and exotics from around the globe that are used in our free-flying demonstrations. Our birds are “raptor rock stars”, many of them featured in movies, television and commercials. In 2011 Raptor Project produced the largest birds of prey show in the world for Six Flags Theme Parks Inc.

      The Raptor Project currently manages the largest traveling collection of birds of prey in the world, from every major habitat on the planet, available for programs tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization and its audience.
      Book a program with us and be confident that you are inviting America’s premier raptor educator through your doors, a vanguard for wildlife education. We are constantly praised by teachers and students with the compliment, “ This is the best assembly program we’ve ever seen.”

      We travel and work all over the U.S., primarily between the northeast and Texas and visit many major and minor cities and locales on  regular tours.

Please feel free to contact our office for further information.

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      A boyhood spent growing up in the National Seashore wilderness of New York’s Fire Island nurtured. Jonathan Wood’s fascination with birds and birding. A chance encounter with a young falcon stranded on the beach lured him into the ancient art of falconry. He started training falcons at age twelve and by age sixteen was a recognized ornithologist, writer and wildlife photographer with his own weekly bird column.

In 1996 Wood founded Raptor Project Inc., training and caring for the largest traveling collection of birds of prey in the world, with raptors from a wide variety of habitats and countries.  Jonathan is one of the few professional master falconers in America delivering over 700 lectures, shows and large exhibits across the U.S. annually affecting millions of fans.

Wood is a federally licensed Master Falconer, Wildlife Rehabilitator, Raptor Propagator and is also licensed to handle eagles and endangered species for educational programs.

His expertise has placed him in demand as a consultant to national zoos and he works regularly on movies, documentaries, commercials, theatrical productions and  books. In 2003 he was awarded the National Conservation Medal at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.

Jonathan Wood is the inspiration for the character Jon Wood in the popular novel Frightful’s Mountain by award winning author Jean Craighead George.

His frequent road tours take him to many major events, fairs and festivals as well as a variety of colleges, schools, museums and wildlife centers. Along with his feathered friends he is regularly highlighted on national television including Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Explorer, The Learning Channel, The Today Show, Good Morning America ,The Early Show, Regis and Kelly, Fox and Friends, CNN, ESPN, PBS, CBN and TBN .

In 2011 Jonathan Wood produced Extreme Raptors, the world’s largest birds of prey show for Six Flags Theme Parks Inc.

  In 2003 Jonathan Wood was awarded the National Conservation Medal at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. for outstanding achievement in environmental awareness.

Between busy road tours, Jonathan, his wife Susan and daughter Rachel reside in the heart of New York’s Catskill mountains and winters are spent at their home on North Padre Island on the Texas Gulf coast.

Currently Wood is a sponsored member of Nikon’s Birding Prostaff.

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