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Phone: 727-459-5992
For grades: 5th grade ...on upwards-
Requirements for live visit: Projection SCREEN and Table
Fees for live visit: $200-$250/program
Funding: NA


Nine-time Book Author, 19th Century American History Specialist »

"I have had the opportunity on more than one occasion to hear author Rick Rhodes speak and I am always intrigued by his remarks. He definitely does his research and you can see his passion for history. It comes through in his talks, which help to make his presentations insightful, educational and entertaining. I do not know where he has been all these years, when he should have been on the speaking circuit, but I am glad to see he is now out in the world sharing with people his knowledge and experience. If he is coming to your community, by all means, try to go see his talk. It will be well worth your time, that's for sure."
--- Dale W. Hutchings, Marketing Specialist, St. Petersburg, Florida

Nine-time non-fiction book researcher and author, Captain Rick Rhodes, has gravitated to American History in the 19th Century.  He has developed three programs on this: 1) 'THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD;' 2) 'THE TRAIL OF TEARS;' and 3) 'GENERAL ULYSSES S. GRANT' (played by Captain Rick) .  All three programs are enhanced with a slide show (mostly color slides) of between 30 and 50 slides.

1) 'THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD' is a a passionate presentation that addresses slavery in America as well as those courageous individuals, both black and white, who became the vanguard of a well-organized resistance against established authorities –and the first such popular movement since our American Revolution. About 40 (many color) slides enhance this presentation, which primarily focuses on the period between 1800 and our Civil War.

2) 'THE TRAIL OF TEARS' is another moving program that addresses the plight of our eastern Native Americans, primarily focusing on the Cherokees.  The Cherokees educated themselves to fight for their rights in the white man’s legal arena.  But despite of their noble efforts, they were nearly decimated.  About 35 (many color) slides enhance this presentation, which primary focuses on the period from 1800 to 1840. 

Captain Rick as 3) ULYSSES S. GRANT: Upon arriving in Philadelphia very early Saturday Morning April 15, 1865, Union General Ulysses Grant learns terrible news.  President Abraham Lincoln has been mortally wounded.  Grant heads back to Washington DC aboard a special train.  During this train ride back to Washington, Grant reflects back on his own life ...a life full of failures and a few hard-fought victories, as he correctly assumes that the weight of his badly fractured nation --a nation he so dearly loves, is about to fall upon his shoulders.

All programs are about 50-60 minutes ...Before Q & A,  'The Underground Railroad' and 'Trail of Tears' are $200/program; 'General Ulysses Grant' is $250/program.  My own projection equipment has worked well in a (half-lighted) school gymnasium holding 400 students. 



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Captain  Rick Rhodes grew up in the Midwest and around Washington DC.  He has a degrees from West Virginia University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  Captain Rick has has served as an instructor with the US Army Engineer School and the Annapolis Sailing School.  He's well-traveled in the Americas, and can speak a bit of Spanish.  His 16 years of federal service was highlighted by contributions to the NAFTA.

In the 1980’s, Captain Rick lived aboard a sailboat.  Soon, he was extensively sailing the Chesapeake Bay.  During the 1990’s, he twice sailed this 33-footer to Central America.  In the 2000’s, after serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador, Captain Rick moved aboard a 25-foot trawler to continue guidebook researching and writing.  Captain Rhodes has researched and written nine books.  

Wherever he’s been, Capatin Rick has engrossed himself in local history, and has a passion to share this with audiences and readers.  In St. Petersburg Florida, Rick is an active member of the local YMCA, the Bay Area Professional Writers Guild, and the St. Petersburg Toastmasters Club.

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