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Phone: 212 274 8757
For grades: k-12
Fees for live visit: $399


Traveling Museum / Interactive Show »

"Who ever said history has to be boring clearly never jammed out to Daniel's collection of 8-Tracks!"
--- Time Out Magazine NY

The Museum of Interesting Things is a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions inspiring innovation and creativity – learning from the past to create a more inventive future.

Our demonstrations are hands on. We let people touch some items and truly experience what life was like many years ago. We bring items that show what inventions led to ipods and other items in our everyday lives.

There are 8 departments that coincide with the core curriculum and STEAM (STEM with the Arts added to it) in our public schools as well as being fun and interesting for kids and adults! We can customize the exhibition to where you are currently in your curriculum also! The departments are: Science, Math, Literature, Medical, Toys, Music, Household and Photography.

We can also work with any age group & budget from grades 1 through 12, college students to seniors. Schools, hospitals, universities, galleries, parties, libraries, anywhere with a room and people, we’ll bring things!

We come to you. Like a circus…just no elephants.

Also available...

The Museum of Interesting Things would like to join you on the forefront of innovative, interactive education.   Our recent successes include The Intrepid Museum, The International Youth Hostels 75th Anniversary, World Science Festival, TED Youth, MakerFaire, Coney Island - every month!, SteamPunk City Mass & World's Faire, National Night Out Against Crime - 9th Precinct, NYC,  The Young Women's Leadership School of Brooklyn, NYC, and many other locations and events.

At a glance we are:

          A traveling show
          Interactive (you can touch)
          Educational (the history behind things)

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