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Phone: 8017836058
For grades: all
Fees for live visit: $200-$2000


"Enlightening Entertainment" »

He was a real hit! I received lots of comments after his show. People really liked how he included a student in every magic trick and they all felt like he related so well to our school and students. How fun! Thanks!
--- Rita Bouillon, Principal The Kauri Sue Hamilton School


Elias produces shows with himself and his entertainer friends to suit the needs of the audience.  Every show is produced for the age group and theme (if any).


Variety shows that educate and inspire.  Magicians, jugglers, mentalists (mental stunts including memory, math, and hypnosis), aerial artists, acrobats, cowboys, pirates, and more!

All shows include an anti-substance abuse message, also a message to inspire children of all ages to new possibilities and greater acheivents.

Also available...

"Enlightening Entertainment"

Elias Caress is a versitile variety entertainer.  Elias began his career as a hypnotist and fortune teller, later learning magic, juggling, mental stunts (including memory, math, and hypnosis), and wild west skills (lasso spinning, gun spinning, whip cracking, knife throwing).

Elias has performed at many public and private events, including...





Colorado Association of Fairs and Shows

Young Living

Hogle Zoo

Utah Renaissance and Fantasy Festival

Cedar City Midsummer Fair

Las Vegas Renaissance Fair

This is the Place Heritage park

Days of ‘47

Ft. Union Mountain Man Rendezvous

World Horror Convention 2008

Monster Jam

Numerous private events

And More!


Elias has many friends who he performs with including acrobats, aerial artists, dancers, and More!

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