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Phone: 914 649-4483
For grades: pre-k- grade 6
Fees for live visit: $200-$1000
Funding: My CD's are available to The PTA or School at cost ... so the school can sell them to raise money to offset the cost of the assembly


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"Zev's performances really engaged our students AND teachers. Everyone can't stop talking about how much fun they had."-
--- Amanda Shutters, Music Teacher, Midway Manor, Allentown School District

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Award-winning children's songwriter, recording artist and performer, Zev brings his musical talents to your school. Energize & inspire your students to dance, sing, and learn about the world through music!

An interactive & educational experience that uses creativity and humor. For children ages 1-9.  Family programs also available.

Music Connects Assembly

Music is Our Culture

Celebrate what we all have in commom ….. Music !

A multi-cultural, interactive & educational sing-along. Learn songs, dances & explore musical instruments from around the world: Brazil, Israel, Egypt, Australia, Africa and more!

Abstract Animals

Dance, hop and celebrate with an Animal music theme! From “Bluegrass Monkey Mixdown” to “Chicken Scratch.” Funny stories, original music, audience participation and a whole lot of movement!

Holiday/ Create your own theme!

Zev has performed and created music events for many religious and secular organizations covering a wide variety of holidays and traditions. He is happy to work with event organizers to create unique, educational, uplifting and inspired musical experiences for kids and their families.



Funky, Family Music with a Twist!

Zev’s new kids band Pretzelstein is now available for concerts and events!

Pretzelstein is made up of three music teachers and fathers…. They play fun, fresh family music.  We also provide “hands on” workshops with the instruments (drum, bass, guitar) after the show.

Shows are available in 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour…. discounts available if you book multiple sets/ shows

Fees range from $200-$2000, depending on the size of the event, sound equipment needs, and number of performers.


Please call or write today to discuss/ book your event.

Educational workshops

Classroom visits/ small groups

Creative writing song composition

every class is unique! and so is their song! have zev come with  instruments and recording equipment  and in 1 hr  we can have a class song that everybody worked on ! a cd for the class!

The children write the song story, come up with lyrics, rhymes,    then we construct the song with Apple’s garage band  music program …. Play  live instruments and record the children singing their musical creation , edit , mix it and make a. cd for the class complete with cover art.!


Guitar music of the world!

Zev takes the class on a fun walk through guitar history from  classical and Spanish guitar styles, through blues, African blues, jazz, country and rock, heavy metal styles.  Each style is accompanied by a live or recorded sample of music

This 1 hr program  explans and gives children an “ears on” demonstrations  of

l, Steel string, electric. slide, capo , open tuned guitars, , effects, wah,wah, , banjo, ukelele heavy metal , funk  and the equipment necessary to p

Also available...

Zev Bio
Here are just a few of the things music critics have to say about Zev's award-winning songs:

    •    "A great collection of simple but eclectic tunes that almost defy categorization."  
    •    "The hottest school dance party in the land."  
    •    "Really silly Learning."  
And Zev's songs are precisely where a bio of Zev should start.  Zev has dedicated his professional life to writing and performing totally original, totally fun, shake-what-your-mama-gave-you children's and family music.  He draws upon his training in classical and jazz music, his college major in Ethnomusicology and his extensive world travels to create one-of-a-kind performance that celebrate the joys of daily life and tickle the imagination.
Zev's mission is simple but profound: to make the world more musical, and to inspire a life-long love of music and movement.  Through his CDs and his uncanny ability to connect with kids during approximately  350 performances every year, he's doing just that.
Zev is a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, banjo, piano, berimbau, didgeridoo.  A one-man-band for the new millennium, Zev not only writes all of his songs, he also sings and plays almost all of the instruments on his CDs.  He produces his CDs, too.
The critical and commercial acclaim Zev receives is equal to the passion of his fans.  His latest disc, Chicken Scratch, won two Children's Music Web awards--one for best recording for preschoolers aged 3-5 and another for best song for preschoolers aged 0-5.  His song--El Quacko--made it to number one on the XM radio charts.
Zev lives in Westchester, NY, with his wife Melissa  and daughters Lucy and Daphne.
Zev's song "Walk in the Country" featured on NBC's
Today Show

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