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Phone: 401-272-8707
For grades: All Grades PK-12
Requirements for live visit: A table and a glass of water
Fees for live visit: $450 single, $750 half day, $1,000 full day, plus mileage


An Author who knows how to tell a story »

Mr. Binder's storytelling performance was humorous and insightful… I found Mr. Binder to be professional, responsive and flexible…Without a doubt, we "got our money's worth."
--- Lindsay Cesari, School Librarian

  • Stories for Peace—resolving conflicts/handling bullies
    Offers students and people of all ages a variety of responses to situations involving conflict. In addition to offering possibilities for handling bullies, he raises issues and presents options around negotiating peace, peace through laughter, the power of peace, and peace of mind. (K-12)

    As a lecturer/storyteller, Mark's presentations are 100% engaging. He knows how to capture and hold an audience's imagination.

  • Author Visits—the joy of the written and spoken word
    A blend of reading, storytelling, question and answer, and mini-lessons on writing and revision. Mark connects with all grades K-6.

  • Eureka! Writing Workshop
    Mark teaches students how to practice creative writing -- and how to shape a story on the spot. Valuable lessons in story-structure, improvisition, getting through blocks, and revision. (Grades 4-12)

  • It Ate My Sister (and other tall tales) 
    Just a fun collection of stories for grades K-12.

  • A Holiday Present—multicultural stories and songs
    Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Diwali, Solstice and New Year's. If your holiday is missing, talk with Mark and he'll find a story. (K-6)

  • Omakase
    Based on the Japanese principal, this is a melting-pot collection of stories, adventures (and the occassional song). Adjusted based on your needs.

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Mark Binder is an award-winning author, who really knows how to tell a story.

Mark is a graduate of the Trinity Rep Conservatory with an MA in English and Theater and a BA from Columbia University. He has been writing for thirty years, and telling stories for Grades K-12 in schools for more than a dozen. He also teaches a college-level course in "Telling Lies."

His books and spoken-word albums (in print and electronic form) include:

  • Stories for Peace
  • The Bed Time Story Book
  • It Ate My Sister
  • A Holiday Present
  • It was a dark and stormy night…
  • Tall Tales, Whoppers and Lies
  • Classic Stories for Boys and Girls
  • and many more

Sign up for a free story, and learn more at his website:

"Mark’s presentation was incredibly relevant to our group."

"I loved how you read the audience. You knew what they liked."

"The children (and teachers) laughed at Mark’s humor. Mark tells his stories in such a dramatic and thoughtful way that you can picture the characters and scenes in your mind as he takes you through the story."

"Mark proved to be an excellent choice for our yearly author visit…. Mark’s ability to adjust his repertoire to the ages and needs of the students was outstanding… Every student expressed their enjoyment and excitement regarding his visit, and the copies of Mark’s books that were purchased for classrooms and our school library are now rarely on the shelf."

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