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Phone: 973-783-2395
For grades: Grade 4 thru Adult
Requirements for live visit: Please contact Mosaic for details.
Fees for live visit: $1,500


Land of The Pharaohs »

...fascinating, captivating, and extremely educational...
--- Orange Township Public Schools (NJ)



Land of the Pharaohs is a unique theatrical arts-in-education program, designed to bring Ancient Egypt to the stage for in-school and school-time assemblies. Land of The Pharaohs presents its audience with an overview of Ancient Egyptian civilization from its origins through to the 20th Century. With an inter-disciplinary presentation of both Ancient and present-day styles of Egyptian dance, modern interpretive dance and supporting story-theater narrative, Land of the Pharaohs relates to school curriculum in art, history, and literature. Pre-assembly teaching artist visits and residencies are also available, with creative post-assembly student projects to enhance the experience.  The dances are based upon the poses depicted in the wall paintings from the period.  The scenes in which they are portrayed are based upon historical events found in the literature, the tomb paintings, and the temple reliefs of the time.  Morgiana Celeste Varricchio (writer and director), Samara Adell (choreographer), and Phyllis Saretta, Ph.D., Egyptologist (Egyptological consultant) comprise the artistic team.  This engaging 60-minute program with a cast of six includes: a dance/story theater re-telling of the myth of Isis and Osiris; a funeral procession; a battle with a foreign enemy; an entertainment at a banquet; a scene from William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, and the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun. Special interactive segments and a Q&A with the performers keep students thoroughly engaged. Land of The Pharaohs provides a researched, entertaining, and educational presentation for young audiences, and a tremendous vibrant visual enhancement to the school curriculum.  Land of The Pharaohs will be a source of inspiration to its audience, some of whom just may be inspired to become future Egyptologists themselves!

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Mosaic Dance Theater Company (MDTC) develops and presents original dance, theater, and educational programs celebrating the rich diversity of cultures and folkloric traditions of the Mediterranean, including the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain. The dances and music, the stories and myths, and the history and legends of this fascinating area of the world form the wellspring of inspiration for MDTC’s creative vision.

Founded in 2003, the company has premiered numerous original critically acclaimed full-length dance concerts, with a varied repertory running the gamut from exuberant folkloric and contemporary dance from the Near East to dance/story theater adaptations from The Arabian Nights and Greek mythology to the romantic classical danse orientale.  Mosaic Dance Theater Company tours to performing arts venues, schools and universities, and is on the roster of arts-in-education programs for Lincoln Center’s Meet the Artist programs and for Young Audiences of New Jersey and Eastern PA.



MDTC is known for its artistry and authenticity, not only in creating the original works that comprise its repertory, but also in faithfully researching their origins to ensure cultural integrity. In a world engulfed by popular culture, MDTC embraces the historical treasures of the past, the ways of tradition, and the sensibilities of the present in its goal to celebrate the remarkable varieties and similarities of the Mediterranean cultures.

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