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Phone: 845-406-4623
For grades: K-8
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Science and Health Shows with Doctor Bones. »

The children were fascinated with your kid-friendly discussion on important topics in health. Skelly Skeleton's jokes were corny, but this is what the kids expected as they groaned with laughter.
--- Ms. Marian Sheeran - Barnes & Noble Books

Doctor Bones Science Demonstrations Show:

Alongside his partner in science, Skelly Skeleton, Doctor Bones brings forth a wealth of “Science Know-how” in sharing science with the public via a “Scientific Smorgasbord” of cleverly conceived hands-on science demonstrations, science jokes and humorous anecdotes. Kids have fun learning about important concepts and principles in science with the Doctor Bones "Science in a Suitcase Show."


Doctor Bones Health Awareness Show:

In the"Health Awareness" Show for Kids, Doctor Bones juggles foods from the Food Guide Pyramid in a fun performance that features a variety of topics focused on maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle:  (1) Nutrition    (2) Exercise    (3) Food Safety     (4) Sleep     (5) Hygiene and more...

We also talk about things that kids should avoid in order to maintain good health, such as Cigarette Smoking. Mr. Cigarette is an important part of the Health Show, with his bloodshot eyes and yellow teeth from his years of smoking. Kids punch Mr. Cigarette in the nose as they "Knockout cigarettes from their lives!"

Also available...

Prof. Don R. Mueller aka “Doctor Bones” brings his more than 20 years of scientific research and college/university teaching to his exciting Science Show. Alongside his partner, Skelly Skeleton, Doctor Bones shares his “Science Know-how” via an assortment of cleverly conceived hands-on demonstrations, science jokes and humorous anecdotes. There’s only one Doctor Bones!


Doctor Bones also performs his  "Health Awareness" Show for K-8 Kids, juggling foods from the Food Guide Pyramid in a fun performance that features useful information about Nutrition, Exercise and other important topics connected to good health, such as Sleep, Food Safety, Hygiene and Laughter (yes, "Laughter is the Best Medicine").

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