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Phone: 513-227-1156
For grades: Any
Requirements for live visit: Power access, large area
Fees for live visit: Ranges according to event, negotiable


Extreme Sports BMX Stunt Team »

Dreams are today's answers to tomorrows questions
--- Edgar Cayce

Our program can range to your liking. A typical school assembly for us includes at least two top notch BMX riders equipped with a full BMX box jump, and announcer equipped with a full PA system. Each show typically lasts between 25-35 min followed up by an autograph session if desired. We start off introducing our team while the show is supported by any age appropriate music that will keep the audience having fun. We follow up the introductions with basic tricks to more technical tricks on the front of the ramp to warm up the crowd to our sport. We then like to have crowd involvement to let the audience feel like part of the show. According to the program and what type of event you would like, we then speak to the children on your topic that we have arranged. After that is all settled and the children have understanding of why we are there, we close the shows with all of the big tricks. We normally finish with a flip of some sort to have the crowd on their feet! We also take suggestions on shows, so if this doesn't match what you would like, please feel free to ask. We are open to suggestions.

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DK Bicycles is world renown for some of the best BMX riders in the world. And we want to bring them to your school for an exciting, positive vibed school assembly. The DK Bicycles stunt team has traveled the world for huge main events, and traveled all across the U.S. doing school assemblies for all ages. DK brings a positive and healthy outlook on life and always push kids to never give up on their dreams. Dreams are always something to push toward and anyone can achieve their dreams, we have! We bring an exciting action packed performance that will leave your school talking about the event for weeks. The DK riders are top notch and perform some of the best tricks out there today. Have DK at your school or event this year!

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