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Phone: 412-781-0499
For grades: K-8
Requirements for live visit: One long table
Fees for live visit: Fee depends on location and number of programs. Average fee is $375.
Funding: Many districts have grant money for programs related to physical fitness and wellness.


Bicycle Traveler, Explorer, and Educator »

This was an outstanding presentation--varied, informative, fun, inspiring, high energy.
--- 2nd grade teacher, The Ellis School, Pittsburgh, PA

Kids love their bikes!  These amazing machines promise independence, action, and adventure, so what better way to learn about the world than from the seat of a bike. 


Lisa Primerano, educator and bicycle traveler, brings a world of learning to your school with Pedaling the Planet, an action-packed, interactive, educational, and inspirational series of assemblies and classroom programs based on her travels around the world on her folding bicycle. 


Her premier assembly, "On the Edge: Pedaling the Pacific Coast," chronicles her 2,000 mile ride down the Pacific coast of the United States.  Kids learn about geography, weather, science and technology, bicycle safety, and physical fitness and determination.  So take a spin.  Book Pedaling the Planet today and let the journey of learning begin.

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From back roads to big cities, Lisa Primerano has always loved to travel and explore.  Once she bought her folding bicycle an even more exciting way of exploring the world unfolded before her. Lisa created Pedaling the Planet because she believes that traveling by bike is the most exciting and rewarding way to experience the beauty of our planet and its people up close and personal. 


As a professional educator with over a decade of experience presenting assemblies to elementary and middle school audiences, she is the perfect person to introduce this unique way of traveling to young people.  Having pedaled thousands of miles on her bike, she is thrilled to share her enthusiasm for active adventure and discovery with young and old alike, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

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