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Phone: 1-888-586-7323
Requirements for live visit: Middle/ High School presentation may need power point projector
Fees for live visit: $500-$900


Magician/Puppeteer/ Motivational Speaker »

"Greg's programs are a delightful way to teach and entertain children. The educational content is superb. His ability to capture the audience's attention through program participation, magic and puppets ensures a wonderful educational experience."
--- Bronte Tatum; Draper Elementary

Each program combines storry telling, comedy, audience participation, magic, music and puppetry.  It sounds like a lot but everything fits together like a well crafted puzzel.  The programs are written to engage every student.  Greg pleasant personality shows through in every presentation.  This puts everyone at ease and ensures that the educational content is being recieved.

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Greg Zelnik has educating and entertaining students all over the south east with his unique blend of story telling, magic, puppetry and comedy.  He truly Captures the students’ attention and holds it for the whole presentation as he delivers highly educational content directly tied to your curriculum.  With seven different programs to choose from you are going to find one that fits your needs and you will want to see them all.

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