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Phone: 973-248-9964
For grades: All
Fees for live visit: $300+



"With a self proclaimed 6th sense for reptiles, much like the zany Steve Irwin; he's No. Jersey's version of the Crocodile Hunter."
--- Thomas Franklin, The Bergen Record

Snakes-N-Scales offers science and history based live animal assemblies and classroom programs that are dramatically different from what is offered by others. Our instructors are very comfortable with all grades from Pre-K to College because we're not just entertainers we're 20+ years experienced experts in our field. 

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Bill’s experience is impressive: he has repaired countless turtle shells that were struck by cars, hatched endangered turtle eggs, mended broken legged frogs, nursed 100 lb pythons, pulled lost alligators out of people’s pools, performed surgery on injured and dead mother snakes and turtles to rescue the eggs for hatch and release, answered dozens of calls from local police for snake identification and capture, caught loose monitor lizards on the turnpike, rescued injured venomous snakes, his home is a haven for hundreds of orphaned reptiles. His studies of reptiles have taken him to places such as California, Florida and West Virginia. He studied crocodiles in Venezuela, South America. And of course he continues his work in New Jersey where he resides. 

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