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Phone: 352-219-3250
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: $600-$750 ( email for block booking pricing)
Funding: $100 discount for Block Booking 3 shows, back to back with in a 1 day period. $200 discount for Block Booking 5 shows in a 1-2 day period For deeper discount please send email


A# Sharp Mind is a highly interactive, 40-minute musical show designed to help children, in grades K-12, learn how to apply character building tools to succeed in school. »

He has such an amazing way with kids. He connects and relates to them. Not only did the kids love him, but we also loved how easy and pleasant he was to work with.
--- Ms. Phyllis Erney, School Guidance counselor

Please view a mock performance (no audience, just dress rehersal performance) of what your sudents will recieve when you invite Mr. Prince to encourage, motivate and equip with the tools of life and success in school. Click here

The presenter, Trevis Prince is a seasoned and charismatic artist, former teacher and motivational speaker. He performs a quick, easy-to-digest and student-oriented 40-minute musical presentation on character development. Igniting an intrinsic motivation in students to achieve thier highest individual potential in school. Students come away with emotional literacy tools, that are taught to them at their level of interest and understanding.

A# Sharp Mind was created out of the need for emotional literacy mentors to help students develop character skills that are mandatory to succeed in school. Students are empowered to  reach their highest personal potential in school through the stories and tools Prince deliveries intertwined with music, excitement and fun.  Prince impresses the value of learning (and that it is a lifetime activity) and finding out the person you need to become to reach your personal best in school.

Inspiring kids to value learning, and showing them it is fun is Mr. Prince's specialty. His delivery style instantly gains a strong rapport and likability with the students, while effortlessly acquiring 100% audience participation. University of Rochester professor Edward Deci told TIME magazine, young students and teenagers, show that they all perform better and work harder when the task is interesting, fun to do, and relevant to their lives.

Creating intrinsic motivation in students is at the core of A# Sharp Mind’s character education & development program. This intrinsic motivation will assist them in being successful in school, and motivate them to do their very best.

Hearing Prince’s live message and music on character strength and school success creates a powerful exchange for the students, leaving the audience with a very effective and memorable message.

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Please meet Trevis Prince, the artist and presenter for A# Sharp Mind. Click Here to meet him.

A# Sharp Mind has been performed in school assemblies from elementary to secondary schools. The program has been extremely well received by both studens and teachers, alike. Students feel connected to the the artist and intuitively pick up that he can understand where they are in multiple levels of their life, thus the message he delivers is easily absorbed and recieved by students of all ages and demographic backgrounds.

Prince's music can be described as a “time machine traveling through classic Motown with a blend of modern day Pop”. His voice is a blend of alternating falsettos which produces a soulful and colorful sound. Taking cues from his greatest musical influences Michael Jackson George Michael, Rod Stewart, Journey and Prince, Trevis found his own voice. Through the years, Prince has evolved his raw tal...ent into a polished and evolving sound.

  Award winning recording artist and Billboard winner for best song, was first recognized by AJ Alexander, who discovered Usher. Alexander told Prince "he has the potential to be a superstar. Ashley Newton, Executive Vice President and A&R Executive for RCA Records (Sony/BMG), said of Prince, "I never heard anything that sounded like that before. You have a great sounding voice!".

Some Career Highlights:
     Microsoft Windows sponsored song, licensed Prince’s song “Gone Let it Go”
     Walt Disney World performance
     Choreographer, high school plays in hip-hop, ballet and salsa.          
     Billboard runner-up for best song
     Performed Pre-Gator Growl Show, 40,000 attendees at University of Florida
     Annual Children’s Miracle Network
    1st winner of salsa dance team competition.
     Performed at The Apollo NYC


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