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Phone: 573-657-2739
For grades: 4th - 7th
Requirements for live visit: I'm low maintenance! I need a table, marker board and markers.
Fees for live visit: $450 for 2 presentations, $600 for 3, plus travel


Historic Portrayer »

I thought you were going to put on a show. You TAUGHT those kids!
--- Vanda Harlan, California Elementary, 5th Grade

President Thomas Jefferson, Frontiersman Daniel Boone, and Lewis & Clark Co-Leader William Clark stand ready to teach, inspire and entertain your students!

President Jefferson teaches about 3 kinds of freedom and then helps students explore this question: "Are we more alike or different, you and I, with the passage of 200 years?" He uses props to stimulate thinking about changes in games, education, slavery, health, and everyday life.

Frontiersman Daniel Boone teaches briefly about his life and travels, and then explores with students how a hunter dressed, lived and provisioned himself. Boone carries many of those supplies in three bags on his shoulders. Of special appeal are the tomahawk, knife and Kentucky long rifle!

Lewis & Clark Co-Leader Capt. William Clark explores all the questions around their magnificent adventure: How shall we travel? What shall we eat? What shall we wear? How do we make friends with the Indians? What happens when someone gets sick? What is the "homework" President Jefferson assigned? How well did we complete it?


Presentations are interactive. Each character asks LOTS of questions to stimulate thinking. There is time at the end of each presentation for students to ask questions.


The interactive nature of my work makes all-school assemblies impractical. Maximum audience size is about 125 students. Minimum audience size should be 50-60 students. Presentations are about 50 minutes long and can be adapted to the school's schedule.

Also available...

   Since 1990, I have portrayed three American heroes ... Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone & William Clark ... to adult audiences and school students from Maine to Hawaii.

   Detailed preparation, authentic costumes and LOTS of props make these characters come alive for kids!

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