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Phone: 5742980333
For grades: all
Requirements for live visit: Payment right after the show has ended
Fees for live visit: 900-1000
Funding: dare grant, no child left behind grant


anti-drug, violence preventing, NO Bulling, Magician »

You dont get out of life what you want, you get out of life what you expect!
--- Jamahl Keyes

This show is very positve and you will have nothing but powerfu effects on anyone who attends, no matter what the age!

This program-

1. uses the crowd

2. teachers and bosses

3. examples

and much more

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Jamahl Keyes... The Magic Motivator…has been motivating all over the world for over 15 years. All ages has had the chance to be empowered by the wise words during his presentations and Motivating seminars

At a very young age Jamahl Keyes was exposed to the best of  motivators, and this one happen to be with him full time in his home, which was his father who guided him in more ways than one. Giving him a chance to explore and experience true life and also allowing him the ability to use his talents.

His passion for motivating started by encouraging the youth to “say NO to drugs and yes to life”. A program that was designed to send a message that there was more to life then Drugs…He travels with his “Say No “ show and for many years being asked back into school systems that felt his messgae worked and stuck with the youth of thte 21stcentury and how many lives were changed.

In the mid 90’s Jamahl was presented with various awards, Red Ribbon Award, Top Speaker 2010, Indiana Author and thats just to name a few.

Since then Jamahl has accomplished many goals by traveling to over 9 different countries, working with Evanka Trump, invoved in projects with Krist Frank ( Donald Trump The Apprentice) working  hands on  with the Late John Ridder, Chris Hanson from MSNBC News and appearing on hundreds of Television show and that’s just to name a few.

Still traveling and setting people and companies up for success he now offers his success program that millions of companies have put to great work for them to expand and reach their success goals. He has changed the lives of many people who have came into contact with him and also who have taking apart of his program. Every school, university and company needs his success program

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